Why it gives us flu over and over again

I’m sure that we’ve all had a role in the life that gives us flu and flu, and how can we put up with it or buy some flu and after a few days, and when we think it’s happened to us, we go back and pray again in the same state , and this time with worse consequences.

A pharmaceutical mystery

But why is this happening? Why do we get flu so often, so repetitively, over and over again? It turns out that the human machine, which we call the body, has a defense system against diseases and viruses. But many times we ask ourselves, why do we get scolded again if we had supposedly become sick of it and the defenses should prevent it, as is the case with another kind of virus?

The answer lies in the differentiation between bacteria and viruses. And we must first clarify that the flu is a virus. Now, it’s about the bacteria feeding on the cell with all its nutrients and thereby replicating it. The bacterium has a stomach, but the virus doesn’t. He uses the cell’s own machinery, while the bacteria destroys it.

So the virus develops again, but with different characteristics, so the antibodies don´t detect it as the same one it had previously attacked. It’s as if he put on another costume into thinking that it’s not the same virus it’d already attacked, but that it’s a totally different one.

But beyond viruses, there is also the fact of contracting it naturally, either by exposing ourselves to rain or cold, which will naturally result in us getting back to grip as often as we neglect. So the next one protect yourself so you don’t get gripped, and protect yourself if you have it so that it doesn’t last too long or you fall back to a worse stage, and if it’s happening to you, also protect yourself so that it doesn’t give you so fast again. That is, in all cases protect yourself to minimize the possibilities of contracting such an annoying virus.

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Why it gives us flu over and over again
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July 20, 2019

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