Customization Guide for Windows 10

Customization Guide for Windows 10

We teach you all that you have to change the appearance of Windows 10 and customize it to your liking.

Windows 10 is one of the versions of the system more closely to paragraph aesthetic in the history of Windows, and yet leaves much to be desired. Not terrible, but it could be better. Luckily, there are several tools for customize the appearance of the system if you want to give a different touch to your desk and your windows.

Today I will share with you some tricks and tools for customize Windows 10 as much as possible.

Installed themes

install themes in Windows 10

Already in an earlier article explained in detail issues installing Windows 10 and where to get them. It is important to know that the patch mentioned in this article does not work if you installed the great update November 2015 , that is, if you have the version of Windows 1511.

install themes in Windows October 1511 need to install esta UXTheme patch version. Following the same process as I explained above. This does not support the other items, so you should look for those that have been created specifically for version 1511.

Change the icons in the taskbar

Customize Windows 10

If you want to change how they look icons the superbarra have two options:

  1. Use the simple application 7CONIFIER that lets you create packages of icons and change them all at once.
  2. Add a shortcut to the desktop application whose icon you want to change. Right click on the icon and select properties. In the shortcut tab press the Change Icon button and choose a .ico file of your choice.

customize Windows 10

If you only icons in PNG or SVG format, you can use something like iConverticons to transform them to Windows ICO format.

Change system icons


If you want to change all the icons of the system, you can use tools as IconPackager . Or download entire packages of icons on a simple installer, such as WinTango having eight different variants.

Customize browser

 customize Windows 10

Windows explorer changed somewhat in Windows 10, added new features, and from Windows 8.1 have the “ribbon”: a small menu with many choices on the top of the window. If it bothers you that menu and never use, you can get rid of it with the OldNewExplorer . It is perfect for applying somewhat minimalist themes that do not get along with many buttons

Improve smoothing fonts

 customize windows

If you want the letters in Windows look as crisp and perfect as Linux or Mac, you can use the MacType smoothing to improve the system. Although Windows 10 does not apply everywhere, doing so in most system applications. You can download the executable here .

Add the dark theme

theme dark in Windows 10
Windows 10 has a dark subject, but there is no simple choice in options system customization to let us turn it on. What it does is apply a rather dark gray all Modern elements having this ultra bright white. Here we explain step by step how to activate .

automatically rotate the wallpaper

22/02/2016 13_36_14-Settings

This is a very simple option has existed since Windows 8.1, you can choose a folder of your choice for your wallpaper automatically rotate every so often you choose. You only need to go to Settings , then access options Customize , and finally choose the section Background Presentation . Below you can choose the photo album, and the time it takes each image to change.


Customization Guide for Windows 10
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February 23, 2016

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