Death Stranding confirmed in a trailer exclusive to gamescom details of your story

Hideo Kojima announces that the show can be seen at the stand of PlayStation, an exclusive video with more details.

Death Stranding had a presentation very particular in the gamescom. Hideo Kojima took the stage during the gala opening of the German trade fair to show more of the game, but decided to focus on two characters, to show a strange gameplay and reveal some details that will be explained in the next Tokyo Game Show in September. While there are pieces a very valuable and interesting to the puzzle of your copyright work, you know the little. Now the creative confirmed that in the same fair you can see a trailer exclusive that throws more information about Sam, its purpose, and the history of the video game.

A literal transcription of the trailer exclusive

The trailer starts out with what seems to be the introduction of the video game, which is developed in the oval office of the White House of the united States, now transformed into the United Cities of north America. The president of the country, Bridget, is a very sick and hurting in bed. There speak of the project of Amelie (Lindsay Wagner) with Sam, explaining how she tried to connect to cities that remain with life in the territory, inviting them to use the so-called Network Chirality, the connection system of the video game.

The character of Amelie no longer can age, and it looks the same as when Sam met for the last time (10 years ago). Your body, I say to Sam, is “still at the beach”, meaning that it is stuck between our world and the other side, the dimension from which they came Bodies Stranded, or EV. Apparently, in Death Stranding Amelie is retained and kidnapped by the military group a terrorist Homo Ofmens, located in the Edge Knot City, and which is commanded by the Higgs (Troy Baker).

In Death Stranding we will have to reconnect all the cities survivors of the united States

Sam is entrusted with a mission: to finish the work of Amelie, traveling from the East coast of the united States to the West coast, trying to reconnect the isolated towns through the Network Chirality, always using the Q-Pid -the necklace that wears hanging Sam from the beginning of the game-. To do this you will need to deposit all of the knowledge housed in that must-have accessory in every vital point of each city, inviting each center of population to stay again united to the network of the country. However, not everything seems too nice.


Sam will start Death Stranding doubtful of the mission. As shown in this trailer, he worked with Die-Hardman and Amelie many years ago, and the thing didn’t work out. The character of Norman Reedus is reluctant until the own Amelie begs Sam to help him.

Death Stranding will come to PS4 on November the 8th.

Death-Stranding confirmed in a trailer exclusive to gamescom details of your history

Death Stranding confirmed in a trailer exclusive to gamescom details of your story
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August 21, 2019

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