Designing a solar-powered aircraft unmanned low-cost, autonomy, infinite

The Engineering student of Aerospace Vehicles of the Higher School of Engineering Industrial and Aerospace Audiovisual de Terrassa (ESEIAAT) of the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC) Ferran Lumbierres designed a small solar-powered aircraft unmanned low-cost with autonomy infinite.Designed within the framework of his work of end of degree, the student has detailed the design process and the technical considerations necessary to build and fly with guarantees of success in missions of long duration, with a cost of materials to manufacture it that do not exceed 3200 euros, 20.000 counting the labor.Lumbierres has designed the plane so that, with favorable weather conditions, could fly the months from April to September, even during the night.In the months with less solar incidence (autumn and winter), with a forecast of a 30% reduction in solar, the flight of autonomy infinite it would also be possible, although if the weather conditions were very unfavorable, the plane should be landing to recharge the batteries.Lumbierres has been explained that the achievement has been possible because it has been focused on aspects more technological as the aerodynamics, the structure, the stand-alone control, energy harvesting, optimization of the propulsion system and the design and structural analysis of the tail and the fuselage.”The design of aircraft autonomy, infinite is based on a series of systems that must function in harmony and must be dimensioned with each other. I’m looking for the maximum efficiency. Every gram and watt can make the difference between success or failure design”, you have specified.”The key to making my ship fly with autonomy, infinite resides in the energy density of the batteries, that is to say, in the amount of energy that can be stored per kilogram of battery, and, above all, in how to the are located inside the aircraft”, has been added Lumbierres.The student has found an ingenious solution to locate the battery: fit inside of a cylindrical tube which at the same time would make the function of cross-beam of the wings, with which it maintains a design of the fuselage, aerodynamic, slender, thus minimizing the friction with the air.The wings of the aircraft, which has a wingspan total of 4.75 meters, are of carbon fiber and glass fiber to have “good mechanical properties with very little weight,” said the engineering student.The battery for which he has opted the student out of the UPC, is Samsung, lithium-ion battery in the format of a cell of 18 mm diameter and 650 the length, with a capacity of 3000mAh (milliamp).
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Designing a solar-powered aircraft unmanned low-cost, autonomy, infinite
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January 16, 2020

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