Devices wearable: what they are and why you have to give away one of these Christmas

Acknowledge him: when they talk about ‘wearables’ around you don’t have clear if they are the latest fad in video games, or a trend of Zara. We are here to help you. devices wearable are all those electronic devices that ‘can be’, that is to say, that you can incorporate into any part of your body that enables you to interact with you all the time.The most known are watches smart or smartwatches, and this is due in part to the fact that it was Apple -how not to – one of the pioneers in making possible that a technology is ‘wearable’ and I was with you the whole day with the launch of its Apple Watch in 2015.In the world of sports, these devices have brought a revolution as they allow you to do your favorite activity, by extreme or moved it, accompanied by your music, for example. Yes: we talk about wireless headphones truly wireless-, a gift star from last Christmas and a product in which the of Cupertino have marked trend with their AirPods. But there is life beyond these influential earbuds.If we talk about sport and technology, we cannot ignore one of the technological developments, more important in this field: the running shoes smart, whose first steps date back to 2004, though it is difficult to believe. They came from the hand of VectraSense, called ‘Raven ThinkShoe’ and integrating a chip capable of distinguished by the tread when we walked and when we ran. The technology continued to evolve with developments like adjusting the shoe to the foot as if it were a sock to help you run.And in this line, another of the winners is the bracelet activity. Although they were initially designed for athletes, smart bands have conquered the whole world. Even those who only practice the ‘sofing’ carry one! And from this we can make responsible the giant chinese Xiaomi , and its ‘My Band’, the bracelet of activity that is sold in our country in its different generations, thanks in good measure to its price. The monitoring of heart rate and sleep 24/7 are two of his roles star, but it includes other as six different modes of exercise and counts steps, distance and calories burned.In terms of entertainment, if your gift is directed to a music lover or a lover of the series, we recommend headphones noise canceling. Ideal to isolate yourself from the world and do your favorite activity but also for wearing in an office very noisy if you need to concentrate on. Without the cable, use the Bluetooth to transmit the sound and basically block out the monotonous sound, consistent, and background. The key to success: they fit very well and are lightweight.Finally, who said that fashion and technology are facing? In fact we already know that ‘geek is the new chic’ -in English, comes to say that now the geek is fashionable. If you want to go to the last you can not stay without a sunglasses clever, a modern device with a design very ‘cool’ that has a built-in speaker with noise reduction, intelligent assistant to manage your calls and your alarm, for example, and microphone to be able to talk with your contacts.These are our winners:
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Devices wearable: what they are and why you have to give away one of these Christmas
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December 20, 2019

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