Digibook of ‘suicide Squad’, complete series of ’24’ and dolls ‘Coconut’ in our Hunting Bargains


Our portfolios are still suffering the effects of the Black Friday, but life goes on and the different businesses have to continue doing stimulating deals to be done with our money. In Espinof we go to specific our review weekly the best deals in the world of cinema and television that have appeared during these days.

The menu for this week includes, among others, the digibook of ‘suicide Squad’ (‘Suicide Squad’), the steelbook of ‘Let me out’ (‘Get Out’), the entire series of ’24’ and ‘Mad Men’, dolls of ‘Coconut’, and a statue of Dobby. Let’s go there!


  • Digibook of ‘suicide Squad’ on blu-ray: a cared-for edition ideal for those collectors who don’t quite get the taste for steelbooks: 10,49 eur

  • Digibook of ‘Palm trees in the snow’ on blu-ray: we continue with a format of editing which, unfortunately, is less common than I’d like. In this case, to me the film I did not like too much, but that he had enough success as to think that some of you maybe want to have in your collection: 10,99 eur

  • Trilogy of ‘The Lion King’ on blu-ray: it is clear that the first is the only really good, but the second delivery was a pleasant surprise and get the three at this price in high definition is a little less than a gift: 10,49 eur

  • Steelbook of ‘Let me go’ on blu-ray: the acclaimed film Jordan Peele sounds even as possible-nominated in the next Oscar. I don’t think deserves it, but yes that is a tape which is well worth a look and even be a part of your collection, and this edition in metal box at this price is a golden occasion: 11,49 eur

  • Trilogy of ‘The little mermaid’ on blu-ray: here I admit that I failed of the first part, but at this price well worth a look at the aftermath of the story of Ariel: 10,99 eur


  • ’24’, series complete on dvd: all the adventures fighting against the clock of the mythical Jack Bauer together in a comfortable pack with a rebate of 57%: 52,49 euro

  • ‘Velvet’, series complete on dvd: one of the biggest successes of tv fiction of the last few years, while Movistar was unable to avoid the temptation to move forward with a spin-off, with a discount higher than 80%: 16,99 €

  • ‘The prince’, complete series on blu-ray: another of the titles of Spanish-best reception it had among the public during recent years, in a edition in high definition which discount on the original price shoots up to 75%: 19.99 euro

  • ‘Mad Men’, series complete on blu-ray: the acclaimed series created by Matthew Weiner and starring Jon Hamm with a 50% discount, as if we still were in full Black Friday: 46,49 euros (if you want on dvd, the price goes down to 41,49 eur)

  • ‘House’, complete series on blu-ray: a great occasion for lovers of the series led by Hugh Laurie can be done with it full high definition for a price very interesting: 45,59 eur


  • Dolls ‘Coconut’: sure many kids will want this Christmas, figures from the latest Pixar film and here’s a good option to get to five of the main characters for a price almost laughable: 12.01 wing euros (shipping included)

  • Cup of the film of the ‘Power Rangers’: the recent adventure movie of the Power Rangers was a pleasant surprise but finished not working in the box office as well as was expected of her. Maybe that’s why they have downgraded so much this cup, ideal for taking breakfast: 2,99 eur

  • Statue of Dobby: a figure of the elf home of the franchise Harry Potter with a magnificent finish and a price quite a bit lower than you usually have in shops physical: 29,89 eur

  • Statue of Batman in ‘Batman v Superman’: more was expected of her, but Ben Affleck as the dark knight did a great job and now you can get an awesome statue of Batman in that movie with a discount brutal: 62,69 €

  • Pendant of ‘beauty and The beast’: a beautiful pendant with an image taken from the mythical stained-glass window of the classic Disney at a price that makes you think that it is worth the try to see if it looks much as it looks in the pictures: 1,69 € (shipping included)

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Digibook of ‘suicide Squad’, complete series of ’24’ and dolls ‘Coconut’ in our Hunting Bargains
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December 3, 2017

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