Dodol launcher: Personalize with a special touch your Android

dodol Always I see a new launcher remember which is one of the qualities I most appreciate in Android. And it nothing better than to make yours the terminal with all kinds of details that go beyond a wallpaper with a personal photo. The possibilities are virtually endless, and the developers are aware of this and so every time we put it easier with Launchers simpler and allow us to configure every detail.

Dodol Cases like Launcher without much effort that will allow us to have everything to our liking. Since background images, to type and icons through all kinds of details. There are several reasons why we can distinguish from other Dodol Launcher launchers, not to be no better or worse. But thanks to the work of developers can easily customize any topic that is already created and give it our special touch.

 dodol launcher 1 That’s one of the main advantages can search and download any theme created for Dodol Launcher and start a new subject from the same , something we can greatly facilitate things if we find a topic that we like, but who lacks or has too many things. Tracks created for Go Launcher Launcher also serve with Dodol , which opens a real immensity of themes to enjoy.

Another advantage is that it offers a function of changes Widgets it is also designed to save headaches. We provides a basic widget with the main functions that change automatically when setup our themes . If we add the possibility of not staying in modifying the home screen, and adjust font and ringtones all in the same subject, as we have a very completito launcher. The truth is that if you sail on the topics you will see that there are many and some very interesting. Course is to give a new life to your smartphone with fun themes and especially to our measure.

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Dodol launcher: Personalize with a special touch your Android
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June 16, 2013

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