Download and Motorola camera app Moto X


Among the innovations we expect the next Moto X is the new camera application, with a light, accessible based on a arch options left. Not long ago could see what the interface , which will be common from now on all Motorola devices, and now, thanks to a leak, we can use our Android app.

 motox-camera-1  motox-camera-2  motox-camera-3 camera Motorola’s new Moto X is characterized by its ease of use . If slip from the right, we get to the gallery, but if you slip from the left radial menu appears to be from where we can access the different functions of the camera. These options are HDR, flash settings, autofocus, slow motion video, and panoramas. Meanwhile, thanks to two little icons on each side of the screen you can change front or rear camera or video mode. To access the zoom, we have to slide up or down as we want to expand.

 motox-camera-4  motox-camera-5  motox-camera-6

As we see, there are not many secrets in the app, unlike Focal CyanogenMod app that we advance yesterday, this rather seems to be aimed at those who simply want to take a picture in place quickly and without too many complications. Keep in mind that the leaked version seems not yet finished, and has some errors . For example, you can not access or HDR mode or the slow motion, and the panorama mode causes the app to close. In addition, we can do wrist gesture to start the app as we saw in one of their promotional videos .

You can download the camera app Moto X at the link below. Motorola If you use, keep in mind to replace the application that you have . Otherwise, you will obtain another entry of “Camera” on your menu.

Download Camera App Motorola Moto X

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Download and Motorola camera app Moto X
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