5 dog breeds that became extinct

Dogs are one of the great companions, guardians and friends of man. However, many changes have happened to them in a more or less short time, because many races have appeared, and also many races have become extinct. Let’s see.

razas de perros extintas

They were beautiful hairy

It was a white tracking dog that became very familiar in the middle ages. A dog with a very good nose, fairly loyal and used sometimes in battles. It became extinct around the sixteenth century.

The Cordovan fighting dog

It was a cross between the mastiff, the bull terrier, the boxer, and the old English bulldog. In turn, this dog served for the creation of the Argentine Dogo. It became extinct in the twentieth century, it seems, according to the same fights between this type of dog.

The Paisley Terrier

It was an exhibition dog raised as a variety of the Syai Terrier. However, after its boom it ended up being extinguished because the demand in the exhibition ended up being very limited and, finally, because it was nonexistent.

The Mastiff of the Alps

He is the father of San Bernardo and provided the basis for many of the current mastiffs. These mountain dogs were mixed with other species and the original population was considerably reduced and ended up finishing.

The Bullenbeisser

He was a bulldog with a strong and rude complexion that was the direct predecessor of the Bóxer dog. With time it was raised in the forgetfulness and until finally it disappeared.

So things, as we see, the species of dogs are moderately fleeting, constantly changing. The most unfortunate thing is that they do not change by normal action of nature, but that they change because of the same human being, who, in a great way, is the cause of their appearance and, of course, also of their disappearance.

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5 dog breeds that became extinct
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June 30, 2019

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