Benito Juarez Autobiography

Then, and by way of summary, what was the life and achievements of this Mexican Indian, putting us in his shoes and narrating it as if we were the ones who had lived those situations, in the first person, in past and present times.

Autobiography of Benito Juarez

My name is Benito Pablo Juarez Garcia, of Mexican nationality. I am an indigenous Zapotec born in San Pablo Guelatao, Oaxaca, on March 21, 1806. On my own initiative and effort, I was able to begin my academic preparation and successfully complete it.

I studied law at the “Institute of Science and Arts of the city of Oaxaca”, where I was awarded the professional title as a lawyer. In addition, I was Governor of Oaxaca, secretary of the Governorate, of justice and President of the Supreme Court of Justice of the nation. He held that position when in 1858, I assumed the presidency of Mexico to replace Ignacio Comonfort.

Towards the year 1859, in full conflict with the conservative forces, but with the support of prominent liberals in his government, signed “the Laws of reform”, which stipulated the separation of the church and the state, and the nationalization of ecclesiastical goods. After the civil war, my Government had to face the “French intervention” and the Empire of Maximilian of Habsburg, between 1862 and 1867. My fortitude became the symbol of a national resistance, which ultimately triumphed over foreign invaders.

Under a new mandate for which I was elected in 1867, the Mexican state began to reconfigure itself and to take new roots. In that same year signed a law of public instruction which reiterated the secular, free and obligatory character of public education.

His death

NOTE: Benito Juarez finally died on July 18, 1872, at 11:35 pm because of angina pectoris. A giant among the Giants, especially considering its origin. No doubt, an example of self-improvement.

One of his most famous phrases:

“Among individuals as among nations, respect for other people’s right is peace”
Benito Juarez.


Benito Juarez Autobiography
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June 12, 2019

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