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A few days ago, my Spanish teacher asked us to do an essay on the subject that we wanted and well, because the truth I decided to write about a topic as common as AIDS. Well, my essay went something like this: (Eye is a very simple essay written by a teenager, so do not expect too much).

In modern times, AIDS is becoming very common, not only in adults but also in adolescents, coming to infect many people, both women and men. And it is almost unbelievable that with the technological progress, still not be has been able to discover a cure for this deadly disease.

A terrible disease caused by the lack of information

I mainly mention what is AIDS. Specifically, it is a disease caused by the human immunodeficiency (HIV) virus. This virus destroys or damages the cells of the immune system of the infected person, acting in the capacity of the body to fight effectively against viruses, bacteria and fungi that causes the disease. But it is important to say that not all patients who are infected with HIV have AIDS. HIV infection makes that person is more susceptible to infections or diseases that usually the human body can withstand

A very curious thing of AIDS is that the specific cause of this disease is not known. It is known that officially, near the year 1983 was when AIDS was related to HIV. And it is also known that she was discovered by Luc Montaginier; the most interesting thing about this, is to believed that this virus originated in Africa and was caused by the sexual relationship of a man with a mona and then this person, had relations with homosexuals. Since then, the disease is taking place. Although it is difficult to say so and give faith if it is correct.

The most common characteristics among people infected with HIV are: incubation period before the onset of the symptoms of the disease, infection of the cells of the blood, nervous system and immune system suppression.

I think that something that is not clear between society, is their forms of contagion. Some people think that AIDS can infect only with shake hands with an infected person, or by being in the same place that that person, but it is not true.

Promiscuity is one of the main triggers

HIV can be transmitted through blood, semen, pre-seminal fluid, vaginal secretions and breast milk. I.e., that in other words we can infect us with AIDS having sex with an infected, to have contact with blood contaminated person and by inheritance. So when a mother is infected, can spread to your baby during pregnancy, childbirth or breastfeeding up to.

And, obviously, the most common will always be caused by intercourse, by the carelessness and the lack of information by the company. We must be much more careful of who have sexual relations and very important is not being promiscuous, because there are many more possibilities of being infected. I think you have to put emphasis on informed young people with regard to all these sexually transmitted diseases and is a good way to promote the use of condoms.

AIDS is currently no cure, that is already more than demonstrated, but in spite of that, already there are treatments for this disease is moderate. Antiretroviral drugs are drugs that are used in infected people, since the aim of these is to reduce the amount of virus in the blood to have low or no detectable although this does not mean that the virus has disappeared.

To prevent our future spread before the serious illness that is AIDS, our self-care is important, learning about HIV and omo is transmitted. Also know whether or not your sexual partner is HIV-positive, using condoms and do you screening time.

In conclusion, I would certainly be us that AIDS is a disease that every time increases the number of people infected worldwide and is very worrying indeed, that every day grows the number of infected people and we are not doing anything to prevent it . Although it is true that we are doing some things to avoid it as prevention campaigns, actually they are not taken into account for nothing, which implies the need to keep the population informed.

AIDS is a disease for now incurable, untreatable because of its great complexity and currently there is no cure, but if treatments that can slow down the progression of the disease. Prevention is vital. For more efforts than science has undertaken, officially it has not been possible to find the cure of this fearsome evil in the human being.

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Author: Mario Vega

Essay about AIDS
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June 8, 2019

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