Example of autobiography

Many times in the academic world they ask us to make an autobiography with the purpose of improving our writing competence. This, incidentally, is a good excuse to make an act of internalization, to see the past and, although it seems incredible, to exercise an act -albeit minimal- of self-knowledge.

What is an autobiography?

Biography, etymologically, comes from the roots “bio” and “spelling”, which mean “life” and “writing”. That is to say, a biography is the writing of life. However, in the autobiography the prefix “auto” confers the meaning “for himself” or “of himself”. That is to say, an autobiography is the story of our own life.

What time to use in the autobiography?

We can use some of the past tense forms. For example: «I lived», «I lived», «I had», «I had». When you write the autobiography in the third person you can use the future tense, for example: «After the death of your maternal grandmother you will have to move to the city, where you will start your secondary studies».

First person or third person?

The first and the third person are valid. However, if it is to perform a school task and if there is no continuous domain of time and the person in which the autobiography is narrated, it is best to do it in the first person and in the past tense.

What information does an autobiography have?

Who you are, origin, genealogy, your way of being, habits and customs, attitudes, abilities and performances; wishes and needs. A good way to structure it is: Name, date of birth, city and country. Profession, genealogy (name of mother, father, brothers, grandparents, etc.), childhood, youth, adulthood, recognitions, etc.

This is an example of how to make a biography of yourself (autobiography), it is quite complete, and you can supplement or change the necessary data.

Example of autobiography

My name is XXX, I was born in the XXX month of the year XXX in the city of XXX. Eldest / minor / second child, third child, etc., of xxx children. I lived as a child with my parents until, due to various circumstances, they opted for a divorce. From that moment we moved with my mom and my brothers to the house of my grandparents.

Later, at the age of six, I started elementary school in the neighborhood school, and it was a few blocks away from the house. However, the children of my grandparents were all older and my grandmother wanted me to go and accompany them to the country house where they lived, so my grandmother spoke with my mother and finally they ended up agreeing that once finished the first grade of the school would travel with them and there finish primary school.

And so it happened. How to forget those dense afternoons of the blue of the sky, the fresh smell of wood and even the smell of the meadow that seems to grow to infinity, the sown fields, especially when the month of December arrived and, then, with it came the crops and there were many hands picking the hardened and seasoned corn, of course, also sweat, and boots, and drink, and heat, and a lot of work. And then, after this, the reward. How to forget that smell of freshly baked bread, freshly made, freshly baked. And then the plow, the oxen that pass by climbing the land for a new crop. Is January. Of course, also the time he goes to school.

In the year of 1989 I started my second grade of primary basic education. They were still the times of strict teachers, of field, of tradition, raised in a strong way. They are strict, but I’m not really a bad student, so I do not suffer too much. The grandmother is also strict, but her love is also evident, her preference. Back to the house I help in domestic chores, I accompany to cut wood, to transport it, etc.

Time passed, and it was so that in 1992 I finished my school studies and after that, and as agreed, I returned to the city to continue with my academic training. I entered the school [name], and although in the beginning the adaptation cost me a lot, I finally succeeded. Of course, at first my qualifications were deplorable. However, from the second quarter and until the fourth and things were very different; although it is true that life is not about qualifications or physical or intellectual abilities, but about the decisions we make.

In the year of 1998 I managed to obtain my bachelor’s degree and after that, although I could not continue with the university studies immediately, I would do it later, and then go back and forth for several jobs. This is, broadly speaking, what has been my life in an autobiographical way. My passions: write, paint, investigate, be in movement, walk, inquire, rest, sleep, etc.

So far the example of autobiography, of course, is something simple. The structure can be vastly better and, in the end, describe our current situation. For example: Currently I am the head of, I have two wonderful children, or daughters, things like that.

Example of autobiography
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June 13, 2019

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