Food and its energy classification

An energy source, capable of achieving the normal and healthy operation of our motor and mental machine, unquestionably is food. To be effective and healthy, they must be treated and selected professionally.

We are what we eat

Therefore, there are two academic branches that seek to scrutinize more about food: Food Science and Food Technology. Apparently, there is no concrete differentiation; however, there are notorious variables, as the former focuses on the way of conservation and storage, the other takes care of it. In short, it can be said that Science is theory and technology, practice.

In this modern age of consumption, most people are more interested in the issue of nutrition. As it is the “communications age”, we can find the information we need, in a few seconds. This interest in food arises from the need to lead a healthy and disease-free life.

What is a food and what is not?

This is a question we should all ask ourselves at lunchtime.  Several meanings define the word ‘food’ and agree that it is a source of energy for the body. It is worth noting, that not everything that enters the mouth is food, because within the products that we consume, there are a variety of types of drugs, a matter of which few people are aware of.

Contrary to popular thought, drugs absorb energy and unbalance the body, therefore certain substances such as caffeine, tea or chocolate are not foods, as they do not fulfill that function of forming and repairing tissues, i.e. , in providing for the health, growth and optimal performance of the body, in addition to not affecting the digestive system, but the nervous.

What makes a cup of coffee or chocolate nutritious, for example, is its milk, water and sugar content. It is incredible that alcohol ranks in the food group, only because it is expelled in the form of energy by liver processes.

If we continue to decompose food, such as crumbling the atom and finding electrons and other structural elements, here we find nutrients, which are chemical components that cause food to generate growth, repair of regulation of these processes.

Air plays a key role in feeding. For metabolism to develop properly, a constant oxygen intake is required. Everything plays together with nutrients and energy is produced. All human beings, we need the same amount of nutrients to live in. This doesn’t mean we have to have the same diet.

Today, it is no longer unknown that the basis of all matter perceived by our five senses is condensed energy. I mean, it’s all energy. That’s how the universe works.

To be able to carry out all the daily activities, energy is required, including at bedtime. Even while dreaming at night, vital processes continue to work, such as pumping the heart, lungs, etc. It’s like a gas-stake machine.

For example, standing involves the use of many muscles, and the greater the degree of physical activity in daily life, the higher the energy requirement of the muscles. Conclusion: everything in our life moves based on energy.

And within that breakdown of the diet, which produces energy thanks to the nutrients, within which we find the cells. It’s like it’s a universe contained in another universe and so on…  Within these cells, there are many dynamic and surprising processes, which sustain the life of the human body and can be compared to a chemical factory in which a wide variety of raw materials are processed.

Further deeper than that cellular structure, the components are carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen.  All this is achieved after many very complicated chemical operations organized by a pattern of self-regulation and self-renewal.  From the above, we humans are not aware, because we do not perceive it.

Within that set of priority elements for life, they also star in enzymes.  They control all chemical changes, that is, metabolism, that takes place in living cells. In this way, with the help of the different organs, everything works correctly. Of course, except if it is an organism with food shortages.

In order to preserve excellent health, a balanced diet should be available. Failure to do so may result in deficiency and infectious diseases. This approach is based on the use of food analysis tables and the calculation of the amount of different nutrients supplied by a certain amount of food.

Just as everything has its opposite side, if there are diseases from deficiency, there is by abundance. It usually occurs in the West. A characteristic feature of the United States and even in Bogota and other parts of South America, is obesity.

Anorexia is a case of the other pole. It is identified by the absence of appetite and extreme weight loss. It is urgent to cultivate ourselves in food, since it is essential to live worthily and healthily. As a corollary to this essay, alluding to this topic, he applies Samuel Johnson’s phrase: “I consider that those who do not care about their stomach will hardly care about anything else.”

Food and its energy classification
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