Generals of fear

In this post, the most relevant generalities about fear and the possibilities of eradicating it are dazzled.

Fear is man’s worst enemy

Fear is one of the worst enemies of man. Not only does peace and serenity take away from peace and serenity, but it also drains you of all your energy reserves from the central nervous system, producing a weakness that is reflected both physically and mentally.

There are two kinds of fears: one is natural or understandable, which is generated in a circumstance that is contrary to life. And two, the pathological fear that does not have a precise and truthful reality.

It is in the period of childhood that most neurotic fears are raised, through subconscious forms, archived in deep regions of the mind. These fears come to life and surface in critical or stressful moments, in the face of situations or certain people.

A virus more contagious than influenza or measles is nervous fear. For example, in the face of natural disasters or wars, people without thinking twice, leave their homes and homes, moving to other places where they find safety.

Terrible anxiety, psychological discomfort and heightened concern are some of the visible effects of fear. The specific cause of why someone cares is that some fear has settled into the subconscious and that causes tremendous stress and strains the psyche. The most effective and radical cure is to find the originating components and remove them from the mind with analytical understanding. In this way, inner peace is achieved.

It could be affirmed that fear, classified as normal, is healthy and even necessary, for it preserves life and contributes to the integral improvement of the individual; that is, the employee fears his employer, therefore he prevents him from neglecting his services and this leads him to strive and perform his labors as best he can. Similarly, a TV presenter fears to look ridiculous and takes great care of his form of expression. And so on.

Current Psychology professionals, regardless of their approach and school, claim outright that it is impossible to completely eradicate fear and that all it would do was try to master it. But for connoisseurs of the mysteries of the supernatural sciences, which is the true essence of Psychology, that is totally false.

Modern psychologists, who are totally materialistic and skeptical, ignore the total brahaman’s brahaman’s brahaman. Precisely, the Upanishads, very ancient teachings of this country, solemnly decree: “The connoisseur of Brahman, who is devoid of all fear, becomes totally fearless”.

Following this psychomystical path of hidden ancestral knowledge, fear exists only when there is duality. Because the polar opposite is feared; for example if you are in pleasure, you are afraid of pain. In joy, to sadness. In company, to loneliness. In life, to death, etc.

But for those who are freed from psychological duality, there is no longer any fear of any kind. That person is the bravest of all. Attachment is the fundamental characteristic of this postulate based on the Hidden Sciences and that warrior who in himself has eliminated his bipolar desires, is truly free not only from fear but free in all sense of the word.

One might think that a criminal or a wrestling fighter does not suffer from fear. But it is certainly camouflaged in brutal violence that originates from hatred or jealousy, which are other kinds of fear. Exclusively, the value is of the Spirit, not of the mind.

Other tangible evidence of the dual’s relationship to this issue is that if it were not for fear, courage could not be exalted, just as without the dark, the clear would have no existence. In this universe everything is under the law of duality and one side cannot be without its opposite. So in our three-dimensional plane everything has two opposites and so, according to the sages of the past, life is balanced and maintained.

In post related, we will talk about methods to eliminate fears in their entirety and the significant importance of doing so. These procedures lead to the awakening of Consciousness and the Knowledge of Self. Likewise, it is essential that those who are interested are in practice and study these teachings on a daily basis and at every moment.

Among the heaviest enemies that someone must fight with are: fear, anger, personal importance, lust, old age and at any given moment, even the same power acquired along the way becomes an adversary. Incredibly, even clarity in deep understanding of universal laws, he can blind the warrior and stall him considerably.

Fear can be considered man’s worst enemy. He won’t let you do anything. It incapacitates him for everything. If a man does not overcome fear, then he will not advance on his spiritual level and most surely, physical. All the great sages have said, “Fear not.” If you liked this article, share it and write your comment in the comments box. It’s very important to us what you think.

Generals of fear
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