Healing properties of nettle

Within the great botanical variety that exists, it is known by the name of Nettite to a plant of the genus Diodic Urtica, which grows spontaneously in humerus areas, although it can also be cultivated, and which is classified as a weed, although ironic it is one of the plants with the greatest and most powerful medicinal properties.

About the Nettle

As for its origin, the various sources point out that the Nettle is typical of the wet regions of the planet, while its use by human civilization dates back centuries, since according to certain researches and findings the Greeks and Romans they knew and used this plant. Some studies have even found traces of how this plant was used in Switzerland in the remote 3rd century BC.

All times where both the hivehairs that cover it have been known, and that can generate a bad reaction in human skin, as well as its medicinal and nutritional properties, since this plant is recognized as an important source of vitamins, among A, B, C and E, as well as important minerals such as Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc and Calcium, which are related to important organic processes.

Healing properties of Nettle

However, it is not all nutrition when it comes to Nettle, as this plant has substances and properties of great healing effectiveness, among which are the following:

Stops bleeding

In this sense, one of the most recognized healing properties of the nettle is its hemostatic capacity, which allows it to be an important ally when it comes to stopping a bleeding, since it has substances that have a vasoconstrictor effect. Among the most common uses given in this area is to stop female bleeding, when these are not a direct product of the natural process of menstruation. Another of its applications is related to the treatment of nosebleeds.

Also, this nettle property is positively exploited by those patients affected with hemophilia, a condition related to an individual’s propensity to bleeding. However, in any situation where bleeding occurs and the need to stop it, the advice and guidance of a professional physician should always be available.

Fight constipation

Similarly, specialists in Naturopathic Medicine point out that Nettle is a plant that contains a fiber known as mucilage, which have the power to stimulate bowel movement, so the intake of this plant, which is consumed usually in the form of tea or infusion, it will lead to rapid and efficient digestion, which will surely help combat constipation, thus favoring the elimination of toxins.

Stops diarrhea

Also, Nettle is recognized by different healing sources as a plant with great astringent properties, which can be of great help during a diarrhoeal picture. However, the botanical experts who advise the use of this plant in this case warn that the part of the Nettle that possesses the most astringent properties is the root, so it is with this session of the plant that the infusion that is supplied to the pers affected by this digestive condition, which you must also always do with full authorization from the trusted doctor.

As a protector of the circulatory system

Also, the different portals of Naturist Medicine point out that nettle has the property to prevent or combat the appearance of atheromas in the arteries, a quality that would make this plant a good ally when it comes to keeping the cardiovascular system healthy, also helping to prevent the onset of heart attacks, thrombosis, strokes, among other medical conditions that can put the health of the person at risk. Likewise, its large amount of chlorophyll, make nettle an element that favors blood circulation.

Against anemia

On the other hand, the Nettle is also seen as an important source of Iron, which will make it a great ally when it comes to combating anemic cadres. In this order of ideas, those who recommend this method point out that people affected with anemic tables should – as long as they have full approval from the doctor – to take nettle frequently. On the other hand, the large amount of chlorophyll that this plant possesses stimulates the formation of red blood cells, which can also help to combat this health condition.

Diuretic efficiency

Just like Nettle does with the digestive system, this plant also produces a stimulation of renal function, so it can be considered as an element with important diuretic qualities. In this sense, botany specialists say that these properties of Nettle are directly related to the large amount of chlorophyll and potassium it possesses, substances that have a diuretic effect on the body, which is associated with elimination of toxins.

Nettle is also recommended in cases of food poisoning, as it helps the body to speed up its purifying process. However, this and any other use given to Nettle for medical purposes must be approved by a professional in both medicine and naturopathic medicine.

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Healing properties of nettle
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September 21, 2019

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