Natural Remedies for Skin Whitening

Perhaps the most convenient thing to do, before exposing some of the most popular remedies on the web, as far as skin whitening is concerned, is to review some elements related both to the causes that may exist behind the darkening of the skin or a specific area of it, as well as the precautions that should be known regarding excessively invasive treatment.

Skin Whitening

In this sense, it will begin by saying that skin whitening treatments are known as the group of different techniques or procedures that are carried out with the purpose of achieving that some segment of the skin, or the skin is its generality, achieve a much lighter tone than it has acquired for some specific situation.

However, these procedures, far from being performed only for aesthetic reasons, actually constitute part of the different treatments that can accompany any healing process or approach to diseases or chronic health conditions, since generally the darkening in the skin is not an isolated fact, produced by weather or climate, but the external reflection of some autoimmune diseases or even linked to metabolism.

In this way, the darkening of the skin can be produced by Vitiligo, Acne, Acanthosis nigricans, hormonal changes during pregnancy, aging and diabetes. Consequently, the darkening of the skin will not be a disease in itself, but the symptom of a much more delicate condition. Therefore, whenever you suffer or want to start a treatment to reduce it, the most appropriate will be to consult a dermatologist, which is the right professional to perform relevant studies, to diagnose why the skin has suffered a darkening.

Commercial skin whitening treatments

However, very few people relate a change in skin pigmentation with metabolic, hormonal or ailment processes in the immune system, but believe that it is simply due to the action of the sun and other environmental factors on the surface of the skin, Therefore, when trying to lighten the skin, they resort to creams and miraculous treatments, which, if they can affect the skin tone, achieving the desired whitening, are not really resolving the basic process, beyond the fact that improperly used or excess can put health at risk.

It is for this reason that all skin treatment, especially those aimed at achieving that the skin recovers its lighter tone, must be ordered by a professional doctor, applied by people trained for it, and above all be made up of substances accepted by the World Health Organization, since for example there are treatments based on a substance called hydroquinone, an element that even when used in some cases, strictly by dermatologists, is actually illegal for aesthetic or home use.

Likewise, in the non-medical aesthetic market there are other offers that promise skin whitening, which are marketed at great costs and have great popularity, without people really getting to know how these substances and their components increase the risk of suffering serious skin injuries. On the other hand, a similar risk can be found with the application of steroids, made by non-medical personnel, in inadequate doses or for wrong times, a fact that even when it can cause the required whitening, in reality implies a really serious risk for health.

Natural skin whitening treatments

In summary, as recommended by most medical texts in relation to any local or widespread darkening of the skin, it is always best to turn to a professional doctor, who will be the one to investigate and establish what processes of the body have become in this situation, which is just a symptom.

However, even though complementary treatments aimed at helping the skin to regain its natural tone may involve specialized techniques such as chemical peels, the application of depigmenters, the use of laser technology or dermabrasion, natural medicine has pointed out that there are some elements that can be applied at home, in order to help the skin – whenever the root cause has been addressed – to recover its natural tone again.

Therefore, after consultation with the treating physician and obtaining the necessary approval, any person who wishes to achieve a whitening of their skin can count on different options of natural treatments, among which are the following:

Onion and two magic components

Although almost nobody would think of applying onion to the skin, due to the smell with which it can be impregnated, it turns out that this plant contains two elements that can be of great help when trying to whiten the skin: sulfur (component that gives it its characteristic smell) and vitamin C.

Naturist sources that indicate this option as a natural treatment for skin whitening recommend that when it comes to administer the best thing will be to process an onion in the blender, and then with a cotton apply the juice obtained in the skin to be treated. However, the portals that recommend this method also warn about the need for discretion when applying it on the face or near the eyes, to prevent this component can irritate the connective tissue.

Lemon and oats

Another of the natural ingredients that can be rich in vitamin C, and therefore very useful when it comes to skin whitening is lemon, fruit that if mixed with oats can – in the light of specialists in natural medicine – create a powerful combination, able to whiten the skin and even control the production of Melanin.

In this order of ideas, the different sources that recommend this treatment indicate that the best option for its use will be to take the juice of a lemon, and to place the pulp of another, as well as a spoonful of oats. Once the mixture has been prepared, it should be placed on the surface of the skin to be treated, leaving it to act for about fifteen minutes.

However, those who advise this method are also emphatic in saying that this mask should be applied only during the night, since the lemon when reacting with the sun rays can create burns and spots on the skin. Therefore, the night gives the security that this does not happen, since when the time of application of the mask has passed, the treated area is washed with abundant water, as well as the hands.

Milk and white skin

History has it that Cleopatra, sovereign of ancient Egypt, used to immerse herself in large quantities of milk in order to keep her skin hydrated, white and fresh. In this sense, some naturist cosmetologists have indicated that the queen of Egypt was not entirely wrong, because certainly milk is a natural element that has these properties, so it can be very useful when seeking the whitening of an area of the skin, as long as you do not suffer from allergy to dairy or some of its components.

In order to use milk for this purpose, it will no longer be necessary to collect liters and liters to immerse in it, as did the famous Egyptian queen, but it will suffice to apply a little of this liquid in a cotton, and in turn through this in the skin to be caressed. Also, some naturist sources point out that yogurt, as a derivative of milk, also has properties that can help the skin to lighten its tone.

Chamomile and honey: bleaching infusion

The great refreshing properties of chamomile have always been known, as well as the moisturizing and antiseptic qualities of honey. However, few may know that both elements together create a powerful combination, which has the ability to regenerate the skin, giving it a much clearer tone, while it can help combat various spots, injuries or irritations that may have arisen in it.

Those who recommend this treatment point out that the best way to use it is to prepare an infusion of chamomile flowers, and sweeten it with a little honey when it is still hot. The preparation will be left to rest, and then with the help of cotton will be applied to the area of the skin to be clarified. This treatment can be applied twice a week.

Paleo Diet for Health

Finally, as several specialized texts refer to, the darkening of the skin, either in its entirety or in specific areas, is only a symptom of an internal ailment or disease, which must be discovered or diagnosed by the treating physician. However, these texts point out that almost always any change in hydration and pigmentation is caused by metabolic, immunological or hormonal disorders, which in turn may have a direct relationship with the food consumed.

In this sense, the Hair Diet or Peleolitic Diet essentially states that the human liver, in some cases, has not evolved on a par with the food industry, so it can only process animal proteins, vegetables and seeds, becoming ill to the extent that it must face the energy input from cereals, flours and sugars, with which it simply does not know what to do.

In this way an overload of sugar is generated that begins to become accumulative fat, as well as other ailments and conditions, which eventually translate into diabetes, heart attacks, pancreatic cancer, fatty liver, cirrhosis, among others.

Of these ailments, the darkening of the skin can be just a symptom, so then having the disease based on food, it is probably the correction of that food that helps to keep it under control, since insulin resistance, as it is called the hepatic inability to process sugars and cereals, is not cured, but is managed, preventing disorders that end with life.

Therefore, the Paleo Diet can be one of the natural options to help reduce the disease that has caused skin darkening. However, the decision to eliminate sugar, flours, tubers and cereals in order to opt for a nutritional regime based on animal protein, fats, vegetables and seeds, is something that must at all times be consulted with the doctor of confidence and agreed with this professional.


Natural Remedies for Skin Whitening
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October 31, 2019

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