Phrases world water day

Water is one of the most valuable resources in the entire universe and, under the necessary conditions, it is more valuable than metals or minerals such as gold and diamond. On our planet it is in abundance and, perhaps for that reason, it seems to us that it is not very valuable. However, it is the essential element for the continuity of life.

Frases dia mundial del agua

Phrases World Water Day

In this article we will mention some of the phrases that come very well with respect to the water day, likewise we will make a brief reflection in each one of them.

In the Mahabarata book we find this phrase about water.

Know me what I am. I am the truth! Water, earth, flame, air, ether, life, mind, individuality, are eight form my current spectrum and are suspended from me, as the pearls of their thread hang.

Water has always been associated with the capacity to generate life, and it has also been included as a fertilizing agent. In the Bible we easily find phrases like “I am the water of eternal life”, giving a sense that it is an inexhaustible hermetic water, and those who drink from it do not feel thirsty again.

Water is equal to time and provides a double to beauty.
Joseph brodsky

If you let the cloudy water settle, it will become clear. If you let your mind be disturbed, settle in, your course will become clear too.
Amaury Rodríguez

White water in hard stone, both from the digging.

In this last sentence, popular proverb, we talk about perseverance, about the persistence that we must have. The trickle of water, the constant fall on the stone, both the weakness, and the end, has occurred.

When someone contaminates the water they contaminate two things: Nature and its soul.

The human being indiscriminately contaminates water and does not know that it is attacking its own existence.

Without water you would die, without air you would die, without trees you would die.

These last two sentences are not famous. I really have not found something like it would come well, on the subject of World Water Day. I hope it serves you.

Phrases world water day
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June 21, 2019

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