Reflections, messages and phrases of action

Action is precisely moving from theory to practice, from thought to facts. The world needs not only beautiful phrases, but beautiful and noble actions. It is necessary to go beyond purposes and good intentions.

Frases de accion

Action phrases

“Hell is paved with men of good intentions,” some traditions say. And it’s probably true why? Because all human beings generally have good intentions; are full of the noblest purposes, everyone would want the world to be a better place to live. but few take action.

Action is all that beats reason.

In some circumstances it is the reason why the action must be overcome (for example: a violent event). However, when a noble cause, when a noble purpose is deprived of action, it is condemned to failure. A noble purpose without action is like a bird without wings; we will not be able to contemplate him victorious in heaven, and we will have to settle for seeing him crawling on the ground.

Think like men of action, act like thinking men.
Thomas Mann

This phrase reveals what has already been said that only in a violent act must reason overcome action. And by talking about action, we are not referring to you having to perform great feats, that you must cross the seven seas to a sun, that you must go to the Moon, or conquer the world.

The best action is here and now, right in your hands: that you change yourself.

That’s the best action a human being can ever do, and it doesn’t take large sums of money (in fact, it doesn’t take money), or centuries to carry it out. It takes tenacity, a firm and forceful purpose for yourself because, if you change yourself, you are working for your own happiness. And as you do that, you’ll see that the world is different.

If you wear a blue glasses, you will see the blue world. If you see the world through your lens of hate, you’ll see that the world is just hate. But if you change, you will discover that there are also loving and peaceful people; people capable of giving their lives and their blood for others.

Action should always be preferred over criticism.
Franklin Roosevelt

We may criticize someone else for their actions, but there is one thing: At least he dared. What have you done? You haven’t done wrong, but have you done good? Not doing good is a way to do wrong. It’s like having a polluted river, but not doing something to quit your drinking water, see what I mean? So not doing good is a way of doing evil. When people don’t do good then it’s like there’s only evil in the world, and only bad people act. But if you do good, you will be the critical point for change, and other people will imitate your example, and you will be a beacon in the middle of the night.

It indicates a popular saying: “Works are loves and not good reasons”. Likewise, in ancient Greece there was a principle that to the letter said: “Rest not Verba”, which means Acts, not words.

Reflections, messages and phrases of action
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June 21, 2019

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