It is a virtue of human consciousness, coming from the act of reflecting, assimilating, analyzing and discerning the effects that can generate the actions themselves, within the realm of morality.

It’s about something beyond morality

The term “responsibility” comes from the Latin “responsum”, a way of pointing to an individual with some responsibility or commitment. It is understood that a responsible subject is one whose actions come from Consciousness and free will, bringing with the results of it. Responsible is the person who takes care of their works and decisions.

If you look at it from the legal, it refers to the guilt of a person in a certain case. And from another perspective, the word responsible calls a subject with some kind of authority or role in charge.

Several philosophers dealt with the issue of responsibility deeply, such as Emanuel Kant, who defined it as “an individual virtue of freely and consciously conceiving the maximum possible universalization acts of conduct.”

Legal responsibility

This is like a charge imposed on someone whose actions have violated laws or regulations. But different from the individual who violates moral laws, this kind of liability entails sanctions by the government or an entity as such.

In the early days of the French Revolution, there was talk of responsibility in constitutional terms, specifically in England where the constitutional law of that country arose.

From this legal point of view, one understands the meaning of the word, such as the capacity of a subject who carries out an act of free will and also, such as the fact that someone customizes his own actions.

If it were to violate legal laws, it will obviously result in pre-established sanctions in the law or political constitution of a state.

Fulfilling the work and tasks of the study

Fulfilling the duties and rights of the family and the like

Thus, a responsible person is the person whose decisions are taken taking into account the consequences of the same, with the willingness to face the results and respond to them, if necessary.

Surely, the word generates us subconsciously, a certain discomfort and that is because of the way it was used since our childhood, relating it with rebukes, punishments, retaliation, for something bad that one has done. Although responsibility does not always refer to the negative, but there is a tendency to use the term prize or merit for the positive.

Age is considered to improve a person’s level of responsibility, because from experience, he can make more accurate and relevant decisions. But in reality, it is not the years that perfect responsibility, but the kind of habits that have been implanted in personality.

Some psychologists claim that there may be cases of over-responsibility. This occurs in people who tend to claim for everything, both themselves, and others for matters that are no longer anyone’s obligation, in a tyrannical and obsessive way, such as jealousy, for example.

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July 28, 2019

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