Summary of The Right Hand of God the Father

Summary of The Right Hand of God the FatherSummary of A la right tra de Dios Padre (story). From the Colombian costumbrista Tomás Carrasquilla. The story is based on the story of a subject named Peralta, who was characterized by his great generosity and altruism. He liked to do charity with as many people as he could, even if he had to take the bread out of his mouth.

Incredible divine apparitions

His sister did not understand peralta’s generous spirit and criticized him by pointing out a bonofand and a fool, but he did not pay attention to that but only wanted to help those who did not need it all the time.

Pilgrims, an old man and a younger subject with long hair came to his house one night. Peralta had nothing to offer them, but he proposed to them to stay in their humble abode. Peralta’s sister was too lustful and with her passionate gaze examined them from top to bottom. These travelers smelled of roses and were sitting at the table, but there was nothing to eat.

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But an unusual event happened. Peralta’s sister went to the kitchen dispensation to see if she by chance found anything to eat and the surprise she took was miraculous:she was completely full of groceries. They could not believe it and attributed the divine miracle as a reward from heaven with Peralta for being so good.

Surprises continued at dawn the next day, when Peralta gets out of her bed and finds a backpack full of the King’s ounces. But because Peralta was too honest a man, he took care of how to find the pilgrims to give them back the money they forgot in their house.

In those moments, the two travelers revealed their identities: one was Peter, who holds the keys to Heaven. The other, nothing more or nothing less than Jesus of Nazareth.They told Peralta that they had tried him leaving him that backpack full of money to see how honest he really was. And because he passed the test, he was granted five wishes.

 Peralta very gladly began to ask one by one for his wishes:

  • who will always win by playing.
  • that death didn’t reach him.
  • that I could have whoever I wanted, wherever and as long as it was.
  • being able to become as small as an ant
  • that the devil would never cheat on him.

The first allowed him to earn money from all the exploiters and thieves who wanted to steal the King’s ounces. With these money, he was in charge of curing the sick and bought a house that he adapted to take care of them, as lepers and so on. All the money used for those purposes, quite unlike his sister who now lived in the greatest of luxuries.

The second and third desires worked for him to evade death and help all the people evade it. One day, she came to her door but Peralta ordered her to climb on an avocado and from there not to come down until further notice.Then, despite many epidemics and diseases that occurred in the village, no one died, until Jesus and Peter came down again to ask him to release Death. Peralta did so, but asked in return that Death did nothing to him.

Using the first wish, he dare to play with the devil and won him all the souls of hell and left him crying. Then he went to give St. Peter all the multitude of rescued souls. Then there was a gathering of souls at the entrance to Heaven and the Father decided that they did not enter Paradise; so that he sent them to Earth, but because they had no salvation, they had to stay on the planet forever.

At the end of the story, God gives you to choose one of the places of the Three People of the Trinity to Peralta. Then he becomes small as an ant and hugs clinging to the Cross. The language used by the author, is very parishander and costumbrista of Colombia, so there are idioms typical of culture. Here’s the full paragraph at the end of the story:

“The Eternal Father, who believes in all the buns of Peralta nu’he had spoken a word, stood up and said d’this fashion: “Peralta; I guessed the position you want. None of lu’ha gained as high as you, for you are Humility, for you are the Carida! Down there you were a worm dragging on the ground; here you are the glorious soul that has won the most. I set the job. Don’t be humiliated anymore, you’ve already extolled it!” And all the heavenly choirs chanted the trisagio d’Isaías, and Peralta, who had still used the virtu di achiquitase, grew down, achiquitating, to become a three-inch Peraltica; and right, with the speed of the blessed, he jumped into the world that the Father has on his right hand, if he accommodated very well and if he embraced with the Cross. There it is all over the Eternidá!

Second summary

This is a very poor man who was too generous to everyone. However, his sister rebuked him for giving what he didn’t have. His house was full of sick and dispossessed. Two strangers arrived, one old one young to the house and asked for help.

Peralta let them in and asked his sister to look in the cupboards to see what there was. She went and looked hard but found everything full of food and meat. The sister thought he was a god who rewarded his brother for good deeds. the next morning the Outsiders had left the house and Peralta found a bag full of the king’s ounces.

Peralta ran to get the strangers and when he caught up with them he gave them back the bag with the money. The outsiders presented theself as Jesus of Nazarene and Peter the disciple. They told him they wanted to try it and because he had turned out to be good and honest he was entitled to five wishes.

Peralte asked: Win the game whenever he wanted. May death come to him ahead and not to betrayal. Stop whoever you want for as long as he wants. Shrink to the size of an ant. And then I ask Jesus if the master of the condemned was him, the eternal father or the paw. Jesus answered that the holy spirit, God and he were the masters of everything but that the condemned belonged to the devil.

Then Peralta finally asked that the paws not be able to cheat on him in the game. Peralta made a lot of money in the game and did thousands of charity, her sister bought houses and began to behave like rich, however Peralta remained dressed as a beggar. One day death came. A skeleton with long hair and a sharp tool. Peralta, I’m coming for you. He told her. Peralta did not object but asked him for a deadline to make his will. He told her to climb a tree and enjoy the village landscape. Peralta used her power and left her paralyzed there forever. No one else died again.

Heaven and hell went into crisis. People thought death was dead and they didn’t go back to mass. Saint Peter went to the house delegated by God and asked for the overhang to lend them death, he lent it to him as long as he did nothing to him. Death spread quickly until everything took its order. Then peralta got sick with one leg and as he was tired he had his will made and when the hair came he left. Peralta was left as a soul of purgatory. He took a path that led him to hell and there he set out to play all kinds of games with the devil betting his soul against the souls that he had and that they were prowling without entering hell. That’s how I make him millions of souls.

The devil didn’t want to bet the souls of hell and started crying. Then I commanded peralta to be kicked out of hell. This one went to heaven and St. Peter took it in a slam taint. Peralta told him he was bringing these people to let her in. St. Peter ran and closed the door. I looked for the gentleman and told him what was going on. The lord said that the damned were for all eternity. The Lord commanded two saints to write something. Command to enter in a peralta and the drums were silenced. The legend said ” we take from Aquinas and St Teresa of Jesus, greater than given and residing in heaven by the command of the Lord we have come to solve this.

The document accepted that Peralta had won those souls in fair play and that they therefore belonged to him but could not enter heaven and had to stay out. And that peralta had to be given a new hell to carry their souls. And that God gave him thirty three billion bodies to put those souls in, and when the bodies died, they were filled by the souls of others who had been doomed in life. So until the trial. Peralta was happy and saw the squares of heaven full of precious jewels. God told him to choose his place in heaven because he deserved it. Peralta became tiny and hugged the cross and sits to the lord’s right.

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