The world’s most important myths

Around the world there are cultures and religions that share myths with each other the deities are different but among them they have many things in common and it is very amazing to see these similarities because they are set apart for thousands of kilometers. Humanity despite having many differences retains many similarities and the beliefs of different cultures and peoples demonstrate this.

The first universal myth that has many similarities in various religions is the universal deluge and many people believe it really happened.

A punishment from the gods

The flood is presented as a punishment of the gods for the human race and whose main function is to eradicate it from the face of the earth. However, man manages to survive, this myth is shared by Sumerian mythology, quiche, Greek, Hindu and Judeo-Christianism. The vast majority believe outright, in a character who makes an ark to save his people.  As the Greek myths recount, with Zeus, as well as Moses, among many others.

Death and divine resurrection is one of the most common myths and in all cases, it represents the great battle of death against life, although it reveals the infinite mysteries of the last days. The clearest examples are Osiris, Dionysus, Tammuz, and Jesus Christ. Similarly several characters also went through this drama such is the case of Orpheus, Odysseus, Gilgamesh and Dante.

The battles and hierarchies of the deities are very frequent and popular in many mythologies and this is known as the term of titanium-maquis and both fight to the death, for the total authority of the universe.

Mystical Death

In Greek myths, the Olympic gods defeated the so-called Titans.  As far as Hinduism is due, the Devas face off against the Asuras and equally, in the Celtic myths these clashes are presented and they are a representation of the constant battle of order against chaotic anarchy.

The creative sacrifice refers to the death of some God to create the world or human being, Pangu, Ymir and Purusha are enormous human beings, mentioned in different myths, same as dying, created the world. This aspect of mystical death can be clearly evident in Christianity, for it is stated that Jesus the Christ created a “new life” for man.

The world’s most important myths
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August 14, 2019

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