Tips for success in Gnosis

Below you will find some precise tips to achieve true gnostic discipline, starting with a reflection given by venerable Master Samael Aun Weor.

Know yourself and you will know the universe and divinity

“It is appalling to see the mythomaniacs, the mind-blowing asleep prophesied of follies, slandering others, described others as black wizards, etc. That’s awful. Hell judging the devils! They do not want to realize all those cast out of perfection that in this painful world in which we live, it is almost impossible to ever find a saint. There is no way you can be white as long as the demon, the pluralized “I”, is tucked between the body. That walking around saying that he’s down in a bad way is certainly a very bad joke because in this world all people are down.” VM. SAW.

If you are not working and giving your whole life to being, it is time to make the big decision: “Every man must decide once in his life whether he throws himself to succeed by risking everything or stays to contemplate the passage of the victors”

The lukewarm, the gray, those don’t succeed. Only true revolutionary warriors capable of abandoning everything for this cause.

To be a triumphant, it is urgent to become a conscious revolutionary rebel.

It is urgent to understand that the strength of the group is very necessary, but it must be managed in a balanced way. Never would the true rebel strike up intimate friendships within the group, for sooner or later the pendulum will change in end and disappointment could be deadly. If we see that there are, we must not judge and work that which bothers us with others.

It is very important to know that we are passing through where we are, that if we want to move forward very soon we must go away from here and that attachment to certain people in the group could frustrate the Work.

One should not walk by telling his astrals and intimate processes to other blind, so the blind are created transcended and appear to be. By far, in case of much darkness, psychological help is requested in general features of some process, from one of the speakers.  If you tell all about certain elements, internally you’re undressing. Many of us have fallen into such a terrible mistake, but it’s time for a change!

If your projects are not accepted, do not be discouraged…   If no one is seeing what you do hiddenly in your house, in your room, the practices you do and, in some scenario, the malicious self of those “decents of wisdom” indirectly point you, and they think you are doing nothing, do not be discouraged… what’s best is what the being is seeing. The work is shown to be and not to a sleeper, because the asleep do not recognize the Christ.

Try to teach your understandings to help others, to give strength, to help perfect the Group. But if your ideas are rejected, judged, misinterpreted, underestimated and you know that they are true do not be discouraged… on the contrary, thank them internally for those unpleasant manifestations they have with you. for if you transform the pain of being rejected, into a higher force of understanding, you will be rewarded as you do not imagine.

If the Being has somehow taught you aspects of chains, practices, etc., and you share them with others, but those elements “fanaticoids” tell you that that is false, that you cannot do, that you want karma, which is how they can think of… Be rebellious, don’t let yourself cut your wings and jump into practice, don’t stop doing it because of the “fanatical karmic fear” of others. You’ll notice that the fans then contradict each other and turn out over time saying you could. That’s how it happened with some fake stories about Sexual Transmutation, some time ago.

If you realize many shortcomings that occur within your group do not get out, you need the strength of group such as flyers, conferences, advertising campaigns, well-performed chains, among other aspects. Take it as a psychological gym, it’s great!  Remember two things:

A true Gnostic group is nobody’s, there are no leaders, there are no mahatmas, there are no supermen, no counselors. There are only demons with a longing for change. The group of gnostic studies is of beings and you must be there by your own being and not for someone.

Unpleasant manifestations of others must be welcomed if we really want to embody the Christ. Every rebel will be wrongly judged, will be told fanatical, will be told blasphemous, he will be told crooked, they will not accept the new things, for what there is in the world are people with their minds closed and conservative. Fans hate someone revolutionizing and changing. They believe the revolutionary remains the same.

Getting up early in the morning, to do the internship, is essential. From three to six in the morning there is a very special energy that must be harnessed by the Gnostic student.

Tips for success in Gnosis
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June 30, 2019

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