Enjoy shortcuts Jelly Bean with Quick Settings

sure you have heard of the great shortcuts that brought our Jelly Bean Android. Those that appear with the new button in the notification bar . Really make life easier, but not use them all. The theme of the shortcuts is very important for every Android user since the beginning and with apps like Extended Controls. We have the ability to have great widgets and shortcuts in a thousand ways, something that no other operating systems. So we look for ways to exploit it to the fullest.

While many still use widgets app of one or another, others have sufficient Bean Jelly thus contributed. And for those not lucky enough to have to use them, we have found an app for that. With it we will have many shortcuts similarly situated, and it is something we have some more configurable, so users Jelly Bean do not fail to have a look that is also equally convinced.

 Quick Settings

As I said this app used to achieve an effect similar to shortcuts that brings in Jelly Bean Bar notifications . We will place a notification fixes that will serve to open these shortcuts. A new notification bar will display with a repertoire of options. To start and I say that the former do not like and I recommend deleting input: Kill all open apps.

toggle Initially we all already placed in this window. You will find all the usual, sound mode, screen brightness, phone settings, airplane mode, WiFi, Bluetooth, mobile data, GPS, NFC, synchronization services, flashlight, screen rotation, keep up and finally configuring the app along with access to the Pro version of the app. I’m not going to recommend the Pro version simply because it does not indicate anywhere its advantages, and does not even appear on Google Play.

 We have certain advantages in this respect to the settings app Jelly Bean. For starters, by clicking on the shortcuts will enable or disable the options as appropriate. But if hold down the shortcut, have direct access to such options. So we have a double shortcut in one handy. On the other hand we have the ability to set a bit all these shortcuts entering the app settings.

There can activate only the shortcuts that interest us, change the order in which they are displayed and Also choose how we want per row. And perhaps most interesting adding the app is that you can create a shortcut to any application. We will open a list of all our apps, and create access Direct this app. Interestingly I have had problems with this feature, as I can create shortcuts but never displayed. It makes me think or that the app does not work very well, or this is the function that adds the Pro version Either way it’s a shame to lose her best feature.

If you need an extra shortcuts, or want to try something similar to the experience Jelly Bean is a good application.
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Enjoy shortcuts Jelly Bean with Quick Settings
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January 5, 2013

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