Everything about the Samsung Galaxy S4: Summary and Analysis collection

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With the imminent departure of the model Samsung Galaxy S4 (April 27) , all media offers his analysis of this top end of the Korean company, which causes more headaches at Apple. For our part, and offered some first impressions the device from which everyone speaks.

However, with so many opinions about a single terminal, what is the valid?, who is more objective? We do the screening of ten different media so that you, readers and users of Android, ye receive information as objectively as possible , forward!, Dive into the synthesis that we have made about what that the most recognized terminal saying

Samsung Galaxy S4

is the terminal with which Samsung aims to address the most powerful on the market among which the One of HTC model The Sony Xperia Z or, of course, the Apple iPhone 5. These are just some of the names you hear in the top mobile phone and the most we will hear and read during this 2013.

The above, are models who bet on powerful processors and huge screens accompanied by some other features that make them very similar but, however, while Sony bet, with its Xperia Z , to excel in the strength of his terminal, for example, HTC, his One , is distinguished their home Audio Beats Audio and camera “special” (all these aspects you can see them, so developed, without leaving EAL by clicking on the links above). And is Samsung?, What we offer? Samsung to try to convince?. The Korean offers, with the Samsung Galaxy S4, its distinction concerning software , which, a priori, at odds with a growing trend purer, “Stock” Android and the manufacturers who make Use of this operating system.

Without further ado, it’s time to immerse themselves in the Samsung Galaxy S4, to see what he’s made of.

design and materials

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The Samsung Galaxy S4’s back in plastic as it did the Galaxy SIII something that, as we always say, because according to what a feeling depending on the tastes of the user and, as a user of Android, not something that catches my attention but against it, although not all smartphone material and, as the Spanish proverb, in the case of other terminals, “although the monkey dressed in silk is still a monkey” .

Meanwhile, TheVerge remain dissatisfied with the design of Galaxy while others, such as Engadget , brand sturdy material S4 but, for them, the HTC continues to offer better quality and a visual appearance that exceeds that of Samsung. Similarly. From Ubergizmo, not wet on this issue and consider the material personally, as a function of taste and nothing else and even advised to go to the store and compare them directly to decide which like most, if aluminum (HTC One) or plastic (Samsung Galaxy S4).

So, the Samsung Galaxy S4 materials are a counter to himself, a black spot where, who gets wet, it makes for talk negatively about this but let’s flagship, which is much ahead.

As for the design, little has changed with respect to the Galaxy SIII, so the best of the Galaxy S4 is in the interior , also compared with previous Samsung flagship. Finally, the colors in which the SGS4 hits the market are two black and white , with labeled “cool”: Frost White and Black Mist . Very typical high-end terminals, elegant colors.


As for the display of phablet, we find nothing more and nothing less than 5 Inch Super AMOLED and 1,920 x 1,080 resolution resulting 441 pixels per inch (pixel density). As for the screen resolution can be little fuss or rather no, but the question that arises in this terminal is, the saturation of the colors? How behaves this Super AMOLED?

center;”>  S4 screen

Engadget in a lot of lines are recreated to tell that this aspect , they say, has been improved over SIII in which little had to see the colors of the screen with the colors we see in reality because they were extremely saturated (You can also configure this, of course, but we talked terminal “series”). At the same path, Phandroid found this screen as “too good” and, ultimately, means as Gizmodo, and TechCrunch AndroidCentral , released statements on a path very similar to this while from TheVerge is from the only source that comes a “complaint” . The latter say that the Super AMOLED S4 has improved, yes, but still colors “explosive” that sometimes do not correspond with reality.

As for the pixel density , all set means a direct comparison with the HTC One that has a higher density, but all accounts, is a completely negligible difference to the human eye and, therefore, is data that can be ignored when comparing these two terminals. Normal, right? in this sense we can be reassured that the S4 offers an impressive quality and, of course, will texts on screen with a millimeter detail .

As also match all means is the issue of gloss . An important aspect especially when we expose the terminal to direct sunlight . Here, everyone has been surprised by a significant improvement resulting in a correct screen view to sunlight while the SIII remained poor in this regard. The comparison in this case tends more towards the iPhone 5 with its RetinaDisplay and, unfortunately, is a point at which the S4 goes badly. Yes, Apple has a higher brightness on your screen even if all other factors are below the display model Samsung.

center;”> s42

So far the screen. An impressive screen size, almost, of a sandwich, able to show, with a very high quality, everything that Samsung processed components. Components then carefully studied.



S4 processor Samsung Galaxy has led to many conversations, debates, etcetera. Why? Because the terminal is available in two variants (Exynos Octa and Snapdragon 600) that can not be freely accessible, directly by the consumer but by geographical location is one of two that we acquire.

In the case of Spain have at our disposal, as is well known, the model riding a Qualcomm processor with four cores at 1.9 GHz . Engadget believes, after having tested the two models, the difference to the user, is nonexistent and further states that it is something only noticeable in figures and not in use results. In this field, the power has increased significantly since last year and yes, it shows. What? He will not notice the call and send SMS’s between WhatsApp and another will not even notice that, at best, used to kill dead time, the Angry Birds. We can feel the placebo effect, sure, but these differences are noticeable power when the handset is taken to the extreme, when it has to process “heavy stuff” and that’s when you really check what it is capable titan Samsung.

powerful processor undoubtedly , for all media.


Ubergizmo and Engadget just are heard discussing the GPU Adreno 320 from Samsung. The only thing these two media comment is not as high improvement which means, with respect to SIII, working together processor, GPU and RAM when run a game or simply , a benchmark. It is also true that, although reduced, the improvement has surprised the two teams since, though it was expected, was somewhat higher than expected.


None of these media has gotten so “to the bottom” with components of the Galaxy S4 and about the RAM, there are only comments that border the term “RAM” sideways.

The RAM that is mounted expected Samsung 2GB . A memory double that of its predecessor and, finally gets to live as the Nexus Terminal 4 of Google. It was much needed and late , because it should already have been integrated in the Galaxy SIII but hey, the end has come and you will notice when we have more of an open application. In addition, the software incorporates Samsung to have two applications on screen, is something very, very basic, what less than 2GB! And with processors that both the SIII as the S4 carry between their “ribs”.


The above 2100mAh of SIII got a really great result, something can always be ordered more but in normal use smartphone gave a number of hours of very considerable autonomy. In this generation are 2600mAh that ensure the autonomy of the Samsung Galaxy S4 but, out of paper, did you notice or are not really increased the hours to be removed from the charger?

 s4 battery

Battery again serve as an antenna for the NFC chip as was the case in the previous model and, moreover, remains perfectly accessible by removing the back cover. We meet in this field with a view unison by media models who have tried the terminal and have thoroughly examined.

A battery with a long life . Doing exactly the same test with the SIII and S4 Samsung, the Engadget have obtained exactly 17 minutes long while against HTC One , is a difference of 2h 45m and if there is, Samsung is the winner. A difference of 17 minutes could say that leads nowhere but almost three hours? At that time there are many things that can change and, as a consumer, can mean buy a terminal or other perfectly.

This remarkable difference is the result of two aspects: The S4 battery is 2600mAh while the One is HTC 2400mAh and also the type AMOLED screens consume less battery.


Like a year ago, the trend manufacturers was riding 8mpx sensor cameras in its terminals pointers, this year we are seeing, fashion sensor is superior 5mpx of 13mpx. How could it be otherwise, Samsung has opted for these 13mpx for the camera and although megapixel sensor does not necessarily have a direct relationship with the final quality of the catch, is the fact that the Manufacturers claim to boast of quality in terms of the camera.

The results of this camera are, according to these means, excellent . Under optimal conditions (with the light source behind the photographer and, obviously quite light) is, according to them, the best camera which now incorporates a smartphone though, by contrast with the same, in unfavorable conditions (low light) are terminals that give better results as the HTC One or Nokia Lumia 920.

The only negatives of the camera are as Gizmodo, a small exposure in captured images, and according to Engadget , some pictures with a color somewhat “exaggerated” . However, these two means, like the others, they say, well, this.

Here is a picture to compare S4 camera with four other powerful models in this regard. HTC One, Nokia Lumia 920, iPhone 5 and SGSIII

center;”>  camarasvss4

The Suite from Samsung, its branded bloatware

PocketNow, BGR and Ubergizmo have blundered. They claim these three means that Samsung has “released” his easy way for the launcher. This is quite uncertain and, as noted from AndroidCentral and Phandroid, thus already existed in the Samsung Galaxy SIII although this new titan has been redesigned .

Keyboard Samsung

Among all the software that Samsung added to Android, we can find very interesting things, for example, the Samsung keyboard. We will always have the possibility of using this or keyboard Android AOSP but considering that SwiftKey “gets its nose” to collaborate with Samsung, the alternative is very good .

The rest of the Suite

Air View, Smart Scroll, Smart Pause … As they say from Gizmodo, all this bloatware is almost useless by how uncomfortable it is. All these features are reduced in compatibility with applications, are “pijerías useless” or inaccurate and uncomfortable . We saw in the Suite of SIII in which, with few exceptions, most of the software that Samsung includes not end from convincing for the reasons just cited.

Engadget also believes, for example, Smart Scroll, which is a very good idea in theory while implemented, it is more tiring to scroll head with your fingers. Shame.

However, to interact with S4 screen without touching if it is something really interesting and appealing. Power take a call without touching the terminal in the car, for example, is very practical but how much Suite to take the call without touching the phone? Although it bears behind him a great dedication, Samsung Suite is not yet at the level that is expected of it and, thankfully, that whoever does not want to use all these functions can disable from the settings or, if you prefer, opt for a Stock Android ROM.

center;”>  bloatware

S View Flip Cover

The new cover of S4 is particularly striking. With the hole left especially Samsung in its new cover, are visible notifications, phone battery and clock. Is cool, very cool and is just as well as the official cover SIII. Well fitted, uniform and … very expensive!

center;”>  s view

We are back to business as usual, a very good accessory for your new phablet but at what price. Almost 60 euros by a sheath that if it is useful, but is it to much?, is gold?


The a terminal valuation is highly subjective. Can I comment on details, parts or, as is often better assess the experience of using a smartphone or tablet phablet.

As we quoted in the opening lines of this post, this is a synthesis of what the most important think, in their analysis, about the Samsung Galaxy S4. In each section are reflected most notable opinions concerning them and, above all, the most varied and important when opting for the Samsung smartphone or not.

Here is the conclusion of each of these sources used to prepare this article:


Samsung’s S4 purchase only better for you than One HTC if you need expandable storage or removable battery and if you really need those almost three hours of extra battery.



S4 is an amazing terminal but its management is complicated, not end to be felt as “natural”.


All the hype created around the S4 have been expected of him over what has turned out. Differences in power over the SIII S4 are negligible outside the Benchmarks.


is what we expected a stellar combination between software and hardware. For SIII users no real reason to upgrade while for those who want to buy a new terminal, is a very good option. If you are between the S4 HTC One and Samsung, both are good choices.

The Verge

Samsung offers a terminal something more powerful and better looking HTC one. For me, the HTC is the best option for its refined design and a whole simple.


is, in general, a good smartphone. Best of Samsung till date.


Although the S4

not win in every aspect, generally wins. That is the definition of a winner.


is, easily, the best Android smartphone I’ve used.


Contrary to the two ends may say, the S4 is neither a left nor a complete disappointment champion . However, powerful set of features, it is not a terminal “normal”.

In this case we have a terminal that is to happen to a large. The Galaxy SIII set the bar very high and now that Samsung has more competition, S4 hits stores. Undoubtedly the specifications this terminal techniques are overwhelming but, is it worth it?

The views, as you see, are quite disparate but maintain the same general basis and what is clear is that Samsung is observed S4 closely by everyone, to all interested.

The price of Samsung Galaxy S4 is € 699 free and where we spend a big amount of money, it is something to think two or three times. There are many alternatives to the Galaxy S4 with lower prices but, obviously, purchase or this terminal is not solely a matter of the consumer.

We take a look at the market and find the Google Nexus 4 (maximum € 349) and as you can see in any review, the user experience is, also outstanding . Other options such as new phablet Archos also draw attention and if we dig deeper into the market, we can find some other alternatives to this Samsung Galaxy S4.

? What you think about you? Is the price justified? worth it?

Source: Engadget , Ubergizmo , BGR , AnandTech , PocketNow , TheVerge , TechCrunch , AndroidCentral , Phandroid , Gizmodo

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Everything about the Samsung Galaxy S4: Summary and Analysis collection
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April 26, 2013

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