Flat TVs or curved: the battle begins our room

The figures indicate that the sale of curved TVs in Spain is minimal in recent years, the numbers do not increase, the question is whether we have a revolution or a fad passing doomed.

A couple of days could attend the technical presentation of Android TV with Sony, the operating system which incorporates the new line of televisions that Japan’s brand has put on sale in Spain this year.

During the event, the specialist company Mark Whiteman , explained the advantages that come with Android TV based on three pillars: Google Cast, voice recognition, and extensive shop applications / games , accompanied by the remote intelligent One-Flick, a remote control for easy navigation throughout the system interface. Certainly, without going further in value these features compared to other operating systems like WebOS TVs Firefox OS or Tizen , the product of Google is noted as a real step forward with respect to SmartTV , a term that is familiar for years in televisions that are in the market, but you really did not have a real “intelligence” as denoted his name when compared with other current devices .

Android TV, available in the new Sony

Why Sony flat TVs commitment

Moving away from all of Android TV, I was particularly struck by the clear lines in design Sony posed for the Spanish market. The company is betting the future for flat TVs Ultra-Slim as the new 65X90C model A 4K TV 65 “inches with only 4.9 millimeters thick in most of its surface , or to get in position, up to 2 millimeters thinner than a iPhone 6 . This has been achieved by changing acrylic sheet that distributes the light from LEDs evenly over the screen, a glass sheet also functions to perform this function as part of the structure of the television, eliminating the need for a traditional chassis.

curved TVs in Spain that Sony submitted show us that the numbers are minimal, and that over the years since the first arrival of curved TVs at the end of 2013, the data have not improved. know brands like LG and Samsung who have blindly bet on these designs being the first to introduce them into the market, but why is a simple fashion to have something cool a aspirational product, or has a technical basis of benefits that underpin

curved models Samsung TV SUHD

Do they actually have technical advantages curved TVs?

Of course, the manufacturers of this type of televisions sold us that yes, they do have technical advantages, their argument is that by bending a panel, the distance between our eyes and the TV is constant at every point of the screen if we are in the center, creating a feeling of immersion in what we see And yes, they are right but there are two important variables to consider. Most of the time we watch TV in the company, therefore if we sit right in the center of the face of it, the rest of our companions would no longer have the same experience perfect curvature with our eyes that we, and this type of televisions, which are of great size, usually placed at least a couple of meters from our couch, so immersive experience fades completely, admittedly, although not fatigued 4K pixel our view a short distance, we do not sit to watch movies or glued to the screen series.

Another positive argument given is that the curvature of the display panel decreases reflexes . And no, this is completely false , the reflected light is often less intense but extends over a larger area and quite uncomfortable when watching a movie or play a game any game.

However, it is fashion, two of the leading brands bet entirely by them, and the rest is always a curve series in case any customers demand. Consumers without high technical skills, plus much of the market, their attention a large curved TV in their living room, but for now their prices are somewhat prohibitive, therefore Who will win the battle to come at home?

At the moment the answer is clear, flat TVs, and a lot has to change the situation so that in the next couple of years the curved TVs are a standard that get good sales in our country, and if so, would have to compete with new more groundbreaking designs due to the arrival of new supplies to the market . It will be very interesting to see who wins the duel, which brand had the best bet , this is one of the few occasions where we can see large technology companies follow very different paths where only be one winner.


Flat TVs or curved: the battle begins our room
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