Floating Draw, draw on the screen of your Android


No wonder a relative or friend We ask for some Android phone and need to be there to teach you the steps you need to follow. As a picture is worth a thousand words, today we bring you an application that lets you paint on the screen of your device. Thus, you can follow the steps to mark it on your device and play them.

Floating Draw is an application that gives you the ability to draw on the screen in time real, from your device. If we have to explain, for example, how to disable the NFC, we can go page to page settings pointing where you have to press.

One of the problems I find in this application is that we will have to catch screen to save what you draw or we mark on the screen. In the app description says we can save what we do, but in my case, and after being a long time searching, I have not found.


When we access the application, we will show a side panel with multiple choice . We may change the drawing mode , the color of the brush , fill holes , select the eraser and also the option to undo and redo . I clarify that latter two functions are only available in the PRO version , which costs $ 2 .

Once elected mode pattern and color, so we’ll just start drawing on the device screen. If we want to move our Android , we will have to click on “Hide “. Thus, it will hide the sidebar and you can navigate the device. If You had painted something, it will remain on the screen. In case you want to explain another way, it is desirable that the above borréis drawn with “ Clear All ” will be enough to start again


The application configuration is summarized in two paragraphs : drawing shape and brush color . Access to these settings can be found in the sidebar. If we want to change the color have to click on “ Palette ” and if we want to change how drawing , by selecting triangles or squares for example, we to click on “ Shapes “. Anyway, the icons will make management more intuitive sidebar.

If you liked this application, you can find free form and no ads , which is an important detail, Google Play . Remember that options make and remake require PRO version and it pay $ 2 .

Application Google Play

Overall, this application It is very useful in case you want to explain to someone how to do something on your Android device more graphically. Being able to paint on the same screen and send screenshots with instructions explain something makes it much easier for you and the other person.

And you, instalaréis this app on your device? , comentad below.

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Floating Draw, draw on the screen of your Android
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December 28, 2013

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