Flynx, or how to save articles to read later (and comfortable) in your Android


If you are regulars at social networks probably more than once ye encountered this situation: locate an interesting article but just then can not read it. For that there are services such as Pocket or Readabilty that allow us to store readings and then reading them calmly but What if we look for something faster and agile?

Suppose you see a link you want to open but just at that moment is not possible. Do not you want to save Pocket and lost in oblivion if I do not have it handy to see when you get home or after leaving a meeting. Have, in short, a reminder not to forget him. There is a solution for Android and his name is Flynx


Saving items “and then”

is essentially Flynx an application for storing links. However, its operation is slightly different. Instead of creating a reading list as such, which makes it show bubbles on the desktop with the icon of the web, much like Facebook Messenger with floating notifications.

You can move, sort, delete or consult them when we want . In the time that is saved is stored in the memory of our mobile in a special format where all unnecessary items are removed and so centrararnos in reading, as in Pocket and company go.

add links just we have to click on them (on any page or application) and choose to save with Flynx. At that time we will see that a bubble is created with the page that we have archived. Fast, flexible and free for my taste but with one catch:. Read the

When reading articles in Flynx is true that we won very quickly for those things that we need “a while” to future reference. However, when reading something long things is not a particularly attractive application and Pocket eg there has a superb experience . If you are curious to try it, Flynx is free and does not include any advertising or announcements. It’s worth giving it a try if we are to leave a reading in a little while.


Flynx Productivity

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Flynx, or how to save articles to read later (and comfortable) in your Android
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July 14, 2015

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