‘Forgive me’, the new miniseries that Telecinco is already preparing


And it will not star in Sister Jude, not getting irritated. There is always a fiction simmering, and today was the turn of Telecinco to discuss what will be his new series: ‘Forgive me’, a charged personal dramas story that has a type of character that is not easy for our series. a nun

‘Forgive me’ will tell the story of this woman, who returns to the village where he was born after 20 years. In this place you will be reunited with his past, an old love of youth, but also with a son; a guy who gave up for adoption when she was born and now lives a difficult juncture to be involved in a drug trafficking case


‘Forgive’ is a creation of Frank Ariza , who now works with Mediaset with the series’ Yo want ‘, the teen telenovela that we see in Divinity and in acting young Lucia Gil. Although not confirmed who will play the characters, Ariza recorded a piece starring Natalia Millan, as shown in the tone he wanted for his project.

Perhaps some remember that series 90 called ‘Sisters’ that We brought a group of nuns in a comedy in which even had appearances. Now, could we be living a new wave of religious furor ? A ‘Forgive me’ we have to add the reality ‘Sisterhood’, which is preparing adaptation Four, or the premiere of the telenovela ‘He is my refuge’ in Nova

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‘Forgive me’, the new miniseries that Telecinco is already preparing
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December 2, 2015

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