French police search Google headquarters in Paris

The French police search Google headquarters in Paris

Agents of the French police are carrying out a search in the offices of Google in Paris, as part of a tax investigation.

Problems for Google, whose French headquarters in Paris is being recorded by police agents from five in the morning, local time. The reason, an ongoing investigation regarding the payment of taxes by the company . According to this research, France would claim 1.600 billion euros (1.800 billion dollars) to Google based on back taxes.

An operation such as that made in the UK months back, which ended agreement with the government This delayed taxes, and subsequent research, have their origins in tax optimization techniques “too aggressive” in order to decrease the amount payable. Earlier this year, a similar problem in the UK, eventually achieving an agreement 173 million euros

All these cases usually have a similar epicenter: the decision of Google, like many other technology, to establish its European operations center in Ireland or another country with a corporate tax under, and treat to derive any tax burden there. In the case of Ireland, 12.5%, one of the lowest in the eurozone.

In March already raised a meeting by the European Parliament with Apple and Google in order to evaluate their taxes in a way to operate” legal but unfair “, thus transmitting its concern over these practices.


French police search Google headquarters in Paris
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May 24, 2016

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