Gallery Go, the app gallery simple Google, adds dark mode for all

Gallery Go, the app gallery simple Google, adds dark mode-for-all

Gallery Go has been one of the pitching surprise of the year, like two years ago last he was Files Go. It is a gallery to the old-fashioned way, without all the paraphernalia added to Google Photos, to be most light-weight and fully offline.

After the initial launch tap to improve the application gradually in the updates, and the first of it comes in the form of the dark mode (not completely black). If you already could enjoy on Android phones Foot or higher with the option of the system, now get to previous versions, from their settings.

Viewing photos in the dark

The gallery simple Google, Gallery Go, it already had a sort of dark mode since its launch, but its reach was limited: could not be configured from the application itself, but you’d have to use the dark mode of the system, available on some mobiles with Android Foot or higher, at times as fast-setting and other times to base to activate the battery saving mode.

The latest version as available on Google Play, it simplifies things and allows the users of Android versions above also have their share of dark mode: the option is now located in the settings Gallery Go.


Taking into account that the view of images already showed with the dark background, the change can be seen both in the view of the latest photos as in the view of the folders, as well as in the options. Options which, by the way, now there are two.

Oscurito The clear and the dark mode

To use the dark mode in the Gallery Go now you have two options: at Android Foot or higher, activating dark mode at the system level (or the battery saving, which tends to have the effect above), or from the settings of the app. If you’ve updated to the latest version and don’t see the option, stop the app and clear the cache tends to give a result.

Gallery Go Google Photos

Gallery Go Google Photos

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Gallery Go, the app gallery simple Google, adds dark mode for all
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August 16, 2019

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