geekaphone, compares five smartphones at the same time


geekaphone , the known solution that allows us to compare two smartphones getting their technical features side to side, has now created a page that allows us to compare up to five devices simultaneously.

You can see it here . You press in each cell to change to another molding and onto to the table below for details of the comparison, we can verify screen sizes, processor, memory, camera, music and so on.

After the table we have access to other related comparisons we are seeing, as well as a section where we can discuss and, thus, eliminate any questions we have about the specifications of each model.

If you see an error on any of the features, you can report it to have it corrected in the next version.

Now we just need to create the ability to embed these comparisons on other sites, helping technology to the media talking about new smartphones launched.

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geekaphone, compares five smartphones at the same time
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October 4, 2013

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