Gemini (horoscope)

Gemini zodiac sign

Western Sign
Element dates Indian element Chinese zodiac Trino
Gemini Air May 22 – 20 June Vayu (air) Horse (7) 3rd


(22 MAY – 21 JUNE)

Element: Air

Ruling Planet: Mercury

Symbol: The twins

Stone: Topaz

Metal: Mercury

Color: Yellow

favorite Day: Wednesday

Life Search: Explore a bit of everything

Vibration: Intense mental energy


Gemini Features

Likes a Gemini … not like a Gemini …
Your Side Positive: Adaptability and versatility. Geminis are intellectuals, eloquent, loving, communicative and intelligent. They have lots of energy and vitality.

Talking, reading, doing several things at once. The Gemini enjoy what unusual and novelty. Much more variety in your life, the better.
On the negative side: Superficiality and inconstancy. Geminis tend to be nervous and tense at times and can become calculating and demanding.

The loneliness. Feeling limited or tied to a location or site. Not enjoys learning at school, but does not like to be mentally inactive.


Gemini is the sign of the twins and as such its double character is quite complex and contradictory. On one side is versatile, but on the other can be insincere. They usually have elegance and the mistakes of youth. They have happiness, self-centeredness, imagination and concern for children. The Gemini begin new activities and challenges with enthusiasm, but often lack the evidence to support them. They believe that life is like a game and looking for fun and new situations.

A Gemini is usually polite, loving, kind and generous. They sometimes use their attributes to achieve their own goals and are able to resort to lies without losing its charm just to get what they want. It easily discouraged (such as children) when they get what they want, and they like to get attention, gifts and compliments. Gemini have to try not to get discouraged when things get tough.

intelligence and mental capacity of the Gemini they love cerebral challenges and new knowledge, but the learning process tends to bore you. They have strong analytical skills.
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Gemini and Work

Although they can be unreliable, the Gemini can succeed in their careers.
know very well use the language, both written and spoken, and many become great politicians, diplomats, orators, preachers, teachers, journalists, lawyers, writers etc. With the ability to talk and persuade, are good sellers or commercial.
Can also succeed as soldiers because they like heroics. They can be good musicians, painters and sculptors.

Gemini and personal relationships

Gemini in love again demonstrate its dual nature. They have an emotional side that comes but one that rejects the romanticism. They tend to have short relationships because they can get bored stability of a couple once conquered. They usually have many buddies and a few good friends. Geminis can be great commentators.


• The Gemini relationships are often difficult. And it is difficult to establish guidelines to conquer. They have an emotional side that comes but one that rejects the romanticism.
• His intelligence and vitality must be met and not always possible to fully hit.
• Poses a different relationship, always surprises and attractions. Invite him to something new and unusual. The more variety there is in the relationship better. Make your nervousness and tension always have an escape you.
• Try planting the relationship as a game, looking especially fun and new situations.
• Learn to know well his other self. Because when you walk confident / a with some of their routines, appear unforeseen elements of its “dual” personality that you should know beforehand.
• If you want to conquer a / a Gemini remember like getting attention, gifts and flattery.
• Also remember that can become liars, tend to have short relationships partner and they can get bored stability of a couple once conquered.
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win a Gemini (man)

How to seduce a Gemini (woman)
The key point Gemini men is their ability to change their personality. Women dealing with Gemini must be prepared for it.

However, Gemini men are often very interesting: charming and seductive in his conversation with many and varied interests. A point as to start a good relationship is to ask a lot of questions regarding his person. This will help you know Him better and on the other hand will make you feel good about.

To seduce a Gemini man is very useful stimulate him mentally. You have to understand that they need the range as standard. So if you want to like have to admit your ideas versatility and broad intellectual freedom and spirit.

Accept no topics. Geminis tend to get bored easily. They also avoid the possessiveness and jealousy.

Maybe they can work together things like learning to dance, languages, travel …

Pay interest to everything that is new and do participant it. Keep up and do not look like you’re never out of touch.

To seduce a Gemini woman have to be a good conversationalist, mastering the art communication and words. Communicate your ideas, thoughts, your moods …

Ask about his person and tries to discover aspects of your personality and especially how to talk to a woman Gemini, which will be key to conquer.

As in the case of man, the seduction of women seduce Gemini also goes through your mind, attracting curiosity and allowing it to handle it herself. A curious mixture of tension and usually give good results to get his attention.

Gemini Women also need variety, as they generally get bored easily. So try to always have something different on “portfolio” and show yourself up to date with all the news you can. Do not show out of date or out of fashion.

Gemini woman can be relentless. So get her out and get ready to combat their boredom and routine. Not usually very conformist when it comes to enjoy the home environment. If you feel “locked”, escape the relationship.

Take advantage of your taste and versatility of his interests. I usually like to learn to dance, studying languages, traveling …


    • sex issues and mind are very close in Gemini. Engage the mind is a successful way. A love Geminis mental excitement because otherwise a bored easily. To seduce a / a Gemini lover have to introduce you to new ways of thinking and being. Keep in mind what we have said in How to seduce a Gemini .

    • Gemini lovers have to be flexible. His dual personality and passion for new things means a tendency to change, so your Gemini lover will love your ability to play along.
    • Gemini lovers should also be inventive. Must be the day and find new ways to do the usual things. Experience with manual and oral techniques. Be open to new positions and variations of the classic. Your Gemini lover will like to try anything new, at least once.
    • Work with your senses. A good looking and a good smell are essential for Gemini can enjoy a full sensory experience. Do not let any part of your body untouched. Use new fabrics, soft touches on your clothes and on your skin. Do not cut the time to try flavors, lotions, food and even edible underwear to excite your taste buds. And do not forget the sex appeal of the sounds. Gemini Tell your lover what you like yourself.
    • The variety is the spice of life and one of the most important keys to please lovers Gemini. The routine is a sure way to kill your sex drive. Finally do not do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable.


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    The Gemini people tend to be very fun, outgoing who like everything related to communication – reading, speaking, writing, arithmetic … They are able to spend hours on the phone with family or friends. Any item that helps them stay in touch with their own will seem great.

    They like to maintain a very full social life, know see, they love to travel and enjoy giving and receiving unique gifts. They are cute and they like dressing up for a special occasion.

    There are too materialistic, and are interested in the functionality of a gift far more than its price. They have a lot of imagination, and anything that stimulates love this ability. They like the variety. And finally, Gemini is associated with the arms, hands and lungs so items and accessories for these areas of the body are also good gifts for a Gemini.

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    Gemini Gifts for men Gemini Gifts for women
    A mobile phone with all kinds of applications – photos, videos, recorder, calendar ….. A bracelet original striking a watch or ring
    A weekend with friends at a cottage A nice diary or a notebook to write notes and lists
    Tickets, Port Aventura theme park or Disneyland type A surprise party with all your friends and family. Much more you invite, the more you will enjoy.
    A ride in a balloon A DVD of a movie Romantic
    A subscription to a sports magazine Internet access
    A shirt A new radio or television
    A book of sudoku pilot classes (of aircraft)
    Tickets to an event of great importance A trip to New York
    A jacket subscription to a magazine for women
    A pen Tickets to a concert or a musical
    Any playstation game (preferably one that allows two players to play) A Wii or Karaoke
    A mirror An article decoration for home – a nice candle, a vase, a plant
    A horse A special cologne
    A bowling or bocce A game like Pictionary or Trivial

    Motherboard compatibility OTHER SIGNS

    With Gemini most compatible signs are those Gemini, Libra and Aquarius .

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    Gemini (horoscope)
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