Google launches six tools so that we are less attached to the mobile

How to be less hooked to the mobile? It is not easy and, however, desirable. We must control the machine and not the other way around. With this intention, Google has just released six tools to improve the well-being digital.Is six apps to mobile that, said Google on his blog, want to make a balance between the use that people do of the technology in the day-to-day. Account of the company in the search engine, the goal is that the user is any question of the relationship and use of the technologies.six applications have been designed to work on phones Android and already available in Google Play.Unlock BlockHelps the user to consider the use of technologies, counting and displaying the times that you unlock the mobile the day. This experiment will not appear as an application once it’s downloaded, but you can find it in your library, Live Wallpaper.Post BoxThe user can minimize distractions because it allows you to retain the notifications until another more opportune moment. In addition, you can select the frequency with which you want to send email notifications.We FlipAllows a group to disconnect from technology at the same time, in order to spend time together. You must wait until everyone in the group join in, then the switch is activated to initiate the session and will terminate when any of the participants unlock their phone. Users will be able to see the time and the times I have looked at the mobile.Paper PhoneAllows the user to print a brochure with key information that you will need that day, you can include contacts, maps, or meetings,it also has applications paper customizable as recipes, books and notebooks.Desert IslandHelps the user to focus, because you have to select the applications that are essential in your day and you can only use those during 24 hours, thus avoiding being distracted by other apps.MorphFits your phone depending on what you are doing. There is that split applications of the device in different modes, for example work,home or with friends. The application will adapt automatically according to the time and the place offering the appropriate applications for each moment.
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Google launches six tools so that we are less attached to the mobile
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October 25, 2019

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