Google removes Aptoide the Play Store

 Google Play Aptoide deleted

Aptoide What is striking is that it is totally legal independent Android Market which has more than 60,000 applications to download for free. There is a “black market” but a project to benefit both developers and users. With Aptoide Baazar News & Install could rise apk a personal repository and thus create our own app store. That is Aptoide serves as a link between the device and the server that stores the “tents” of users on the Web Aptoide.

According to Google argues, although the application is legal, the problem lies in potential users could use to hack him because if Aptoide applications is based on the good and honest actions of the users who could use it to get back up applications that were not in Google Play, also payment apps could rise and and hacking those applications.Most striking is that Aptoide always been a legal app was presented in the Play Store since 2009 without any kind of problem. However, Google now applying stricter controls to combat malware and spam and considered that Aptoide Baazar News & Install is an application “useless”.

Aptoide has not yet been handed down. Let’s wait to see what happens. Meanwhile down here I leave the link to download the latest official version of Aptoide.

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Google removes Aptoide the Play Store
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April 19, 2013

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