Habbo Hotel virtual community and pixelated make the leap to Android


Probably if you carry a few years on the Internet and remember ye of Habbo Hotel. A hybrid between online gaming and virtual community with pixelated avatars where we could meet new people or engaging in leisure activities. At the time it was popular but over the years they have been losing steam in favor of other games and services. Also, do not be on mobile devices has penalized him.

It’s never too late if that is good , or so the saying goes. Sulake today announced that Habbo Hotel is available for Android. A significant jump because of the importance of being on mobile today, just look at the number of games that have worked well in this format in recent years


Habbo is passed to Android

The adaptation of the game is identical to the web version . Same users and community maps and carrying dragged on for years. In fact, playing with fingers instead of keyboard and mouse is much more comfortable when move your character through the different rooms.

There are some elements that have had to adapt to the these mobile interface itself. Some menus change but the content is the same. You do not need a very powerful hardware , in fact many users say it works on devices modest but still have some things to polish if you want to be an important game on Android.

From first we have encountered some bugs that make it unplayable. In the HTC One M9 stuck on the loading screen while some phones, like the Xiaomi My Note directly is not supported. Revisadlo well but chances are that first does not work and has to wait for an update.

If you do not know Habbo Hotel, do not lose anything by keeping an eye, especially if you are nostalgic for the pixel. The only downside is that users who once hooked already lost today is one more game aimed at a teenage audience . The game is free but includes purchases within the application that allow us access to virtual goods to decorate our rooms.

 Habbo Hotel

Habbo Hotel Games

News Habbo Hotel virtual community and pixelated make the leap to Android was originally published in Engadget Android by Juan Carlos González .

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Habbo Hotel virtual community and pixelated make the leap to Android
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April 2, 2015

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