Heavy Metal # 275, a delivery full of Mexican artists

Heavy Metal # 275, a delivery full of Mexican artists

The famous Heavy Metal magazine in its issue 275 has an edit made Made in Mexico .

275 edition of the magazine href=”http://www.heavymetal.com/news/heavy-metal-275-preview/” Heavy Metal , Heavy Metal in its edition in Spanish, brought together talented Mexican artists for this release. On its front you can read a little what will the theme: Cyberpunk called magical realism . And this strange tag says very little about how much can be found within the pages of this special issue.

His recent publication gives the excuse to talk about the issue by Mexican the most important magazine of fantastic comic . Under editing RG Llarena , the Issue # 275 has us prepared several short stories wrapped in elements of Mexican culture, magic, Mexica gods, futuristic technologies, existensialismo and, versa as such on the cover, magical realism, that the Mexicans are used in such a complex and decadent beautiful country.

Stories ready-made in Heavy Metal 275 described themselves as “Cyberpunk called magical realism”

In this edition story after story we see before our eyes, with great plastic artists they collaborated , new revolutions flagged by the spirit of Emiliano Zapata , foreign devoured by the exuberance of southern Mexico, a Mayan god who takes his own, messiah robotic testing (new account) to human nature and all that href=”http://hipertextual.com/2015/07/es-importante-la-ciencia-ficcion”> . In addition, a pair of exquisite galleries Enid Balám and José Quintero, the latter author of the cover, titled “Eva Coatlicue” and who named Hypertext one the illustrators worth following on social networks , both for its great art, his comments and close contact with his followers.

Remember that Heavy Metal has a long history since its first edition in 1977, besides being of great importance to the universe of fantasy comics. Its pages the best of the best have been present, and just to name a few, could appoint HR Giger and Esteban Maroto . And Moebius and Philippe Druillet numbers Metal Hurlant , the French magazine that gave rise to the American edition Heavy Metal and published in Italy, Germany, England.

So, an edition dedicated to stories and Mexican artists attests to the great talent in the country in both lyrics and in the plastic, and although the above can not be questioned, the Heavy Metal 275 is a number for wallow in puritito mexa art , as you might say to classify the fact Mexico

 Home: José Quintero

Home José Quintero

“New Moon Rising” by Alberto Calvo, Omar Estévez, & FG Dr. Stain Ortiz

” The Eyes of Itzam “by Abraham Martinez, MoraMike, Aburtov, Charo Solis Fdez. & JAME

Jose Quintero Gallery

Gallery Jose Quintero

” Taxi “by Dr. FG Stain Ortiz & Omar Estévez

“Trees Feel No Rage” by Bef & Axel Medellin

“The Data Mule” by Santiago Casares & Jorge F. Munoz

” Izel “by RG Llarena, Oscar Bazal, Raul Manriquez, Charles Solis Fdez. & Felipe Sobreiro

” Untopia ” by Enrique Puig, Mario Guevara, Emmanuel Ordaz, Charles Solis Fdez. & Felipe Sobreiro

” The Outsider “by Homer Rios, Salvador Velazquez & Ronato War

 Enid Balám

Enid Balám

” The 49th Key “by Erika Lewis, JK Woodward, & Deron Bennett

“Motorcycle” by Fernando Gonzalez


Heavy Metal # 275, a delivery full of Mexican artists
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July 5, 2015

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