‘Hellboy’, a fun and violent ride through the neighborhoods lowest of the series b horror

'Hellboy', a fun and violent ride through the neighborhoods lowest of the series b horror

Forget everything you thought you know on ‘Hellboy‘ if the character just sounds like a couple of films made by a visionary director fan of fairies and satisfy all the public whenever she can.

The devil wears trenchcoat

What has managed to Neil Marshall with his brave (and irreverent) view of the character of Mike Mignola deserve all our respect. the Marshall down to the red devil to the clay-based beatings and gorings, roll in leftover fecal giant and pulls it out to cuerpear the quadrilateral.

This new red devil has cost considerably less than ‘The army golden‘ and just note at times. Do sequel or reboot? Well, the movie moves at that are comfortable? new terrain hybrid which I understand as “anything goes”, and does so without take a look back. The greatest value of this new version of the iconic character is that is still auteur. The difference is that the author of before the wheel such films as ‘pan’s labyrinth’ and now is responsible for ‘Dog Soldiers’ or ‘Centurion’, perhaps the film with the one that has most in common with the new world of fish and chips and the unexpected gore of the boy demon.

Criticizes Hellboy 4

‘Hellboy’ is a horror movie you never know where you are going to leave and that it is extreme at all levels imaginable. Knows No fear or shame. It would be a shame for people to be left with some time , because I never in life imagined I could see such a festival of viscera and revelation in a cineplex in a pass morning. ‘Castle Freak’, ‘Ghoulies’, Peter Jackson before weight loss, Troma, Empire, Full Moon… what we dreamed of Quentin Tarantino making a movie of James Bond what we have with Neil Marshall by rolling a character of Mignola.

An adaptation of hell

The director breaks with the established Guillermo Del Toro – based guts and a grotesque change of course that is not thinking in all the public precisely. Of course, ‘Hellboy’ is not perfect, but neither were the other two deliveries. But of course, what kind. Despite being a composer is fantastic, the score by Benjamin Wallfisch is a bit too badass showy, and the selected themes sound generic and similar. Pecata minuta in a party of similar proportions.

Criticizes Hellboy 3

The problems of a film like this reside primarily in count with dozens of producers and a single author behind a film that arrives with his director of photography, usual, Sam McCurdy, the chiefs fired marking territory ungovernable. By the way, the tandem of Marshall/McCurdyque gave the episode titled ‘Blackwater’ series that that os is cool so, ‘Game of Thrones‘.

Hellboy Mila

The cast is what happens in big without thinking too much about what was there before. Maybe that’s why the best way to settle the matter is to be start in Tijuana on the basis of the fights features there. With Rosalia in the background, by the way. David Harbour avinagra the character of a Hellboy also has the appearance of having worse body odor, something that is essential in the character. Milla Jovovich, Ian McShane, Daniel Dae Kim, and Sasha Lane give everything that you have, reserving the ace in the sleeve of the character of Thomas Haden Church, robaescenas official movie.

fate has been cruel and the bump will be historic, but in a few months he will be on the shelves of fans of the cult film without complex along with other wonders misunderstood as ‘Dredd’, ‘The Green Hornet’ or ‘The lone ranger‘. It is a pity that we are on the verge of losing this type of cinema, more or less free, in favor of movies designed to the millimeter in the offices. Enjoy a movie as well. As I would say Jordan Peele, “‘Hellboy’ is a horror movie”. Not just to see the spectacular style with which roam the folklore (eye to the work of Troy James) during his entretenidísimo couple of hours.

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‘Hellboy’, a fun and violent ride through the neighborhoods lowest of the series b horror
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