Here’s the inside Xiaomi MiPad: Dismantling, hardware and curiosities


Today I bring hardware analysis Xiaomi MiPad , a tablet made a few weeks ago and it has characteristics of stroke. A processor K1 NVIDIA Tegra , 2GB, a high screen resolution of 2048 × 1536 pixels , 8MP rear camera, front five and 6700mAh battery. All that a price some 179 € to change.

A technique which used barbarity to know where the trick and above know what components Xiaomi decides cut costs.

Xiaomi MiPad, inside

MiPad The tablet is built pretty sturdy materials, at least so specified IT168 , who is responsible for this disassembly for parts.

Most tweaks have been added to provide stability and cooling , and the NVIDIA Tegra processor incorporating K1 generates a considerable amount of energy that a slim body with a lot of heat is produced. Alongside that we SoC 2GB RAM brand SKhynix.


As for the structure have something pretty simple: three decks plastic sections where the different chips are stored, but always at the top of the plate. Outside a metal box attached to the base plate difficult to extract.

MiPad The chip has no 3G/4G but does have dual speakers . The battery comes on the heels of LG and brings 6520mAh, while we also have images microUSB adapter, the speakers and LED flash. Two cameras with 8MP and 5MP f/2.0 aperture.


Other components are the Toshiba eMMC 16GB Memory , the power supply TI44AJ121 Texas Instruments, the chip and Realtek ALC5671 Speaker NXP TFA9890; as we see the MiPad brings many components dedicated to sound.

For the WiFi Broadcom BCM4354 chip we have to support 802.11ac modules plus Bluetooth and FM radio are. It is also curious to know the brand of multitouch sensor , a chip that usually goes unnoticed a MXT1664T ATMEL. No more I leave you with the different pictures.

It is very curious as a tablet as well, which has achieved a mortise specifications Ultra Small price to a heart attack is made. What was his secret?

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Here’s the inside Xiaomi MiPad: Dismantling, hardware and curiosities
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June 16, 2014

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