Hiberus Technology is allied with the consultant InboundCycle to offer technological strategies global

The technology group Henneo, Hiberus Technology, and consulting InboundCycle have signed a partnership to offer companies the strategies of attracting and retaining customers more effective and innovative.This binding allows to implement digital marketing services comprehensive that is to say, for the first time a company will be able to access packages that include both the generation of content to connect with the user as the technology necessary to carry it out.”These are areas of performance usually separated for the client,, and whose actions have been implemented historically by teams and different companies, generating a friction and down-that is now eliminated for the first time. We know, because we have already experienced, that merge into a single service strategy-Inbound, with the integration of technology, provides a qualitative leap to the projects, but the ceiling is not defined. We know times are reduced, the inefficiencies decrease and that the metrics will improve, but the best thing is that we still have a long way to generate more business to our customers,” says Frames Latorre, director of Hiberus Digital Business.this action is intended to provide customers the best of both worlds usually separated. In fact, from now on are grouped services such as Inbound Marketing, Marketing Automation, Inbound Sales and Account Based Marketing, with the ability of development and integration platforms leader in Digital Business / e-commerce such as Salesforce, SAP, CX, Oracle ATG, Adobe, Magento, Liferay or Drupal. Also bind to these capabilities mobile development, IoT, Big Data and various technologies differential Hiberus is currently developing. The technological account with 38 areas of specialization, and 21 affiliates around the world.In the words of Pau Valdés, CEO of InboundCycle: “The trust of our customers has made us grow separately and, through this alliance, we can strengthen the good relationship with our customers together, offering them first to them what we know that will make the difference against its competitors in terms of business.”As pointed out by both managers, the simple goal is “the unify silos and equipment and offer simply the best of the best, never less.”Currently the sector of the Inbound Marketing is growing exponentially, is one of the strategies to leaders to attract and retain users, sometimes, above other strategies such as SEO, SEM, etc., With these actions allows to reach the user in a very segmented and differentiating the time of purchase in which it is located.Properly implement strategies Marketing Automation, according to the latest data from Marketing Automation, Insider, increases in a 451% the leads qualified-14.5% business productivity, and reduces the costs associated to Marketing in 12.2%.
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Hiberus Technology is allied with the consultant InboundCycle to offer technological strategies global
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October 21, 2019

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