How is Android virtual reality with the arrival of the Xiaomi Mi VR?

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virtual reality is booming, and the proof is that more and more manufacturers are being encouraged to make their own glasses , and the arrival of Daydream merely encourage more Party. The newest competitor is a very tough opponent in the world of smartphones: Xiaomi, also known as “that which cheap sells phones with powerful specifications”

Fortunately for the user, if someone wants goggles. virtual reality in which to put your mobile, has a number of very generous options , for all tastes and budgets. To us all an idea, let’s take a brief look at the most interesting options of virtual reality goggles for Android

Google Cardboard. <- - More>: mount them and use them

Google Cardboard

Google is he plunged headlong into that of virtual reality goggles, and did nothing less than offering a cardboard glasses you had to assemble yourself to use , but, yes, worth around 3 €. Later they released a version 2.0 from 19,99€ Amazon .

This version 2.0 of the Cardboard Mobile supports up to 6 inch screen and is compatible with both Android phones like iPhone . Its biggest advantage is its lightness, with 118 grams will not cost you sustain effort. They also have a focal length of 45 mm for a better experience.

In the new generation magnet of the first version (which could disable the compass temporarily) by a small button that lets you open or close it is replaced compartment mobile

ZTE VR. the first glasses compatible with Daydream

Zte Vr

The Chinese manufacturer ZTE presented with his Axon 7 , the ZTE VR , the first virtual reality glasses Daydream compatible with the new virtual reality platform of Google. Unlike Cardboard, these glasses are made exclusively for ZTE Axon 7 .

ZTE bragged that her virtual reality goggles were a evolution of VR Gear (prior to submitted a couple of days), as they have ** ** 9 gyroscopes to improve monitoring of the movement of our head, have reduced latency within 18 milliseconds and lenses have 5 crystals to improve immersion.

today not the price of these glasses is known, and until the Axon 7 will not receive Android Nougat not be used properly, making ZTE suit you give a future version of Android as soon as possible

Samsung Gear VR. slightly modernized to adapt to Note 7

Samsung Gear Vr 2016

Next to the Galaxy Note 7 , Samsung introduced the new generation of its Samsung Gear VR , with a number of minor improvements over earlier. Some of the most noteworthy are its increased view, from 96 degrees to 101 , are slightly more comfortable to wear and added to its ‘touchpad’ un ‘Home’ button.

to adapt to Note 7 new Gear VR have USB Type-C , but for users of the Galaxy S7 , S7 Edge , S6, S6 Edge, S6 Edge Plus and Note 5 includes an adapter, so that said terminals may also be used with new Gear VR. The price of these new glasses Samsung is about 99 € , a price not too high to have fun once in a while

Xiaomi Mi VR. Most recent appearance in the world of virtual reality

Xiaomi Mi Vr 2

Xiaomi already warned that enter into the world of virtual reality, and finally here he is. He came with a virtual reality glasses whose price should be around 6 € (still expected to announce the price), and that the first virtual reality glasses Xiaomi are essentially , a Google cardboard .

the main difference with sunglasses Google is that instead of cardboard, are plastic and rubber , considerably longer, and they are recubieron with Lycra fabric. Its dimensions are 201 x 107 x 91 and its total weight is 208.7 grams , a very manageable weight given materials.

The peculiarity of these glasses is that is needed to move holding down a button on the top while the head move when navigating through menus part. In these glasses fit phones of between 4.7 and 5.7 inch screen .

Google Cardboard


Samsung Gear VR

Xiaomi Mi VR





Plastic, rubber and Lycra


147 x 100 x 65 mm

185 , 3 x 85.3 x 76.7 mm

207.8 x 122.5 x 98.6 mm

201 x 107 x 91 mm


118 grams

255 grams

345 grams

208.7 grams


Android and iOS

ZTE Axon 7 only

Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, S6 Edge Plus, S7, S7 Edge, Note 5 Note 7



€ 19.99


€ 99


What is able to offer Xiaomi Mi VR and what problems

Xiaomi Mi Vr 3

As such, the Xiaomi Mi VR are not at all a revolutionary product, and they are just a pair of fairly similar plastic Google Cardboard. While its design is nothing fancy, you can customize to your taste with a range of accessories. Still not anything revolutionary, but at this point there are few things as well.

Another distinguishing point is its price (although missing to know the exact figure), and that is if is around 6 €, Xiaomi will win many buyers. Apparently, more than make a profit by selling glasses, it would remove the personalization and content , so that they can afford to adjust the price to the maximum.

But this leads me to possibly be a deadly negative, and that is, is mainly focused on the Chinese market , so the application that created for this gadget (for now called Xiaomi VR Toy Edition) most content services reach that country , like Youku or Iqiyi.

will they be open to the international market adapting to other services? We’ll see, but if the Chinese manufacturer wants to do business with these gadgets increasingly fashionable, they’d better adapted to everyone and not just to China

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How is Android virtual reality with the arrival of the Xiaomi Mi VR?
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August 4, 2016

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