How shocking scene of the Red Witch Game of Thrones built?

What hides the beauty of Melisandre ‘How shocking scene of the Red Witch Game of Thrones? built’.

We remind you, once again, that this article speaks of a more than important in the first chapter of the sixth season of Game of Thrones event. If you’ve survived so far without spoilers, so you want to follow, we warn you NOT continue reading.

Well, as we know, in the new episode that begins the new season we could see the great revelation of a more than kept secret: Melisandre, the Red Witch is actually a very old elderly; as mentioned in the recap of 6×01 Game of Thrones this reminds secret traditional fairy tales and witches, where they seek at all costs to maintain a youthful appearance, always beautiful and hide their true appearance. Another thing is that this opens a lot of unknowns: is the necklace that has the power ?, how old is Melisandre ?, this means that is more powerful or less

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Now, beyond the questions we have and that we may well discuss in the Slack channel Game of Thrones community of Hipertextual, there are many questions about how this was achieved impressive scene. The answer lies in entrevista the director of the episode: Jeremy Podeswa

The director explains that it is a combination of two actresses, visual effects and a session of at least 6 hours of makeup and prosthetics to the actress who gives life to the Red Witch, Carice van Houten. Podeswa explains that the scene looked to be as credible as possible despite being a woman is supposed reaches 400 years. It also explains who did not want to make a scene with CGI only because it is a key moment for this character; that is why they used the body of a greater actress to Carice actress with makeup and prosthetics and completed the shocking scene with visual effects.

Meanwhile, Carice van Houten declaró feel happy to know that this season Melisandre secret would be revealed; adding that he does not know if fans realize what this means because their age makes her seem more vulnerable but also reveals that he is wiser and more mysterious than we expected.


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