How to convert any GIF HTML5 video and save bandwidth

How to convert any GIF HTML5 video and save bandwidth

The GIF files are usually heavy, but you can convert GIF to HTML5 video; GFY files also known as weighing up to 8 times less.

Although GIF images have been around for quite some time was a couple of years ago when he returned his popularity. Today GIF serve to encourage many situations of daily life are created, usually from scenes movies, cartoons, series or any other video or image.
A GIF consists of several overlapping images that are repeated indefinitely
At first, these animated images served to give some life to the rudimentary websites of that time, today we can find even in the profile photos of some social networks. Its main advantage of video is that are treated as images on most websites . If you can upload images, sure you can also upload GIF.

GIF to HTML5 video

A GIF image is composed of several ghosting that are repeated indefinitely if is desired. In Photoshop, for example, they can be superimposed layers, indicate the frequency of reproduction and export as .gif. There are already many applications that help us create GIFs easily.

But perhaps The main problem is the size GIFs . If the size of an animated GIF with a video of it compares, you will notice that the GIF is always greater than the video, provided both use the same resolution and quality settings. comparison we are doing 4.5MB shows a GIF image (top left), while video version is 16 times smaller 286KB (bottom right).


Create a GFY it is simple. For example, Gfycat is a service that allows you to GIFs create and host to share. The service is 8 times faster than any other, you can upload files of unlimited size and also adds nifty features like playing in reverse, go slow, speed, pause and analyze frame by frame. For older browsers that do not support HTML5 video yet, GFYcat automatically creates a backup GIF that any should perish content

Furthermore, you are Gfycat in two ways:. (1) can add GIF directly to the site, and (2) can add / in front of the direction of GIF convert a video .

Gfycat Companion

Gfycat Companion is a Firefox instead redirect you to the website of Gfycat shows the HTML5 video directly to a video display. The add allows applications to cancel direct GIFs, replacing them with an HTML5 video generated by Gfycat .


Meanwhile, GfyFetcher Chrome does his thing. Simply install the extension in your browser and right click each time we meet with a GIF image open as a HTML5 video through Gfycat.


How to convert any GIF HTML5 video and save bandwidth
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September 16, 2015

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