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Instagram is one of the most successful social networking sites. Each day you will upload millions of photographs and sharing thousands of stories. However all that information is in the cloud, which is inaccessible if we do not have connection to the internet. Today we bring you a small trick that can be very interesting for those who are regular users of Instagram or simply for those who see any photo and I want to be able to easily download.

The application of Instagram for Android not allowing you to download directly the images uploaded by other people. Fortunately, in Google Play there are dozens of simple applications that allow us to download pictures, videos and stories of Instagram.

Here we leave a brief tutorial on how to use them, what are our recommended and how you can take advantage of to have all the content saved where you want. In the end, the images should be our and not only Instagram. I leave you with the explanation of how to do it.

How to save images and videos from Instagram


The first step to download and save images is to install an Android application that help us in the process. If we go to the Play Store we will find a huge amount, all of them very well rated by users who discover almost by surprise that these applications are fairly simple.

Almost all are based on the same mechanics: share the photo with the application and this is responsible for the process of storing it on our device. How is it done? Basically we open the application, we are going to Instagram, click on the three dots that appear in the upper-right corner of the photo you want, save and check copy link.

This will send us automatically to the application where we see that our picture appears there. After we click save, or download and create a copy of the image in the internal memory of the phone.

Instagram Stories

from then on, that photo will be as if we had done us, we will be able to upload again to another site or pass it where we want it. As we see it is a very simple process. That is the equivalent of a copy-and-paste.

One of our recommended is Fast Save for Instagram, but we also found others such as Multisave. As we say, they are quite equivalent. It is important to note that the applications we are left with two options at the start. On the one hand we can check with our account of Instagram, which streamlines all of the steps but also can put at risk our privacy. On the other it also allows us to save images without the need of login in Instagram. We recommend to do so despite the fact that are added a couple of clicks.

Fast Save Instagram

Open the application, select the image, share the URL and hit save. Extremely simple but more what it would be if the official app of Instagram allowed it, and we didn’t have to go to third-party apps for a simple task and that many users request.

Fast Save for Instagram

Fast Save for Instagram27



  • Android Version: since 4.1
  • Developer: Quick Save
  • Download it from: Google Play
  • Price: Free
  • Category: the Social

How to save stories on Instagram

Story Saver

If instead of images is what we want to download the stories of Instagram we will need an application such as Story Saver, but also be warned that there are dozens of alternatives. When you turn on the app and login on our account of Instagram appears to us a list of contacts who have sent in stories recently.

If you click on them shows us the stories of recent that have not been deleted from Instagram. we Can click on each one and decide whether to download. These stories also will be downloaded with all additions and effects, such as zoom, or the letters and the text.

When clicking on download it will be saved in the gallery application, but will also be available to share in any application, or send the video to the computer. We must take care because in some applications the stories saved disappear after a period of time just when you are not available in the profile of the person. This happens because you have not downloaded, but merely saved. We hope that this little tutorial has been useful and you have saved all the images from Instagram that you like.

Story Saver for Instagram

Story Saver for Instagram1.3.1

  • Android Version: the from 4.0.3
  • Developer: YOBA
  • Download: Google Play
  • Price: Free
  • Category: the Photography

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How to download pictures, videos and stories of Instagram from Android
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