How to export all your contacts as a VCF file in Android

How to export all your contacts as a VCF file in Android

Today, what is carried is to save contacts to the Google cloud, but it is appreciated that during all the years Android has been the classic function and a universal export the contacts as a VCF file.

A VCF file is nearly universal, so you can use it to import your contacts back on another mobile whether Android, iPhone or even a feature phone of the old. Yes, sometimes it is a little difficult to find where is the function exactly.

What is a VCF file

The history of the VCF file dates back to the inception of the Internet. VCF stands for the VCard File, to be VCard the standard established in 1996 (it 23 years ago!) for the transmission of digital business cards. In Android normally uses version 2.1 of the standard for backward compatibility, if the version 3.0 created in 2016 is being implemented more and more.

Vcarda Example of a VCF file

not In itself holds many mysteries. It is a text file with all the information of the contacts, one after another, included and classified through the use of certain names in the key for each field. The possible pictures of the contact are included within the file itself.

How to export your contacts as VCF

Export contacts is relatively simple, and practically all of the layers of customization allow you to do so. In some cases you can export the contacts as a VCF file and also to the SIM card. By the way, some layers such as EMUI calling the process “Export to internal memory as vCard”.

As always, the complicated step is to find the option in and of itself. Should be in the application of contact, perhaps in the settings and within, in the section of Export. If you cannot find it or do you think that may not be present in your mobile, a good option is to use the application of Google Contacts, available for all on Google Play.



If you have a mobile with Android pure, this in fact is the contacts application default. The first thing you need to do is go to the settings, for which you need to deploy the side menu and choose Settings.


among the adjustments is clear to where you should go: Export. Unlike other applications of contacts, here the only way to export contacts is as VCF file. In the next window you must choose which account you want to export your contacts, if you have several. Finally, tap on Export to file .vcf.


Already, a window prompts you to choose where you want to save your VCF file with all the contacts (you can’t choose just a few). Now you can send it to other devices using Bluetooth, Wifi Direct, e-mail, Telegram, cable or USB or any other media that you prefer.

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How to export all your contacts as a VCF file in Android
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