How to hide the recommended items of Chrome


Among the innovations that has brought us Google Chrome 54 is included to bring us a little piece of Google Now (Assistant, or as I like to call it) to the window of the New Tab. Where formerly only appeared to your most visited pages and a link to the bookmarks, and now appears a string of articles for you.

The movement has logic and that is if you are opening new tabs you will probably be interested to visit some of the pages and articles that Google recommends that you thanks to the jealous track of everything you do and look at on the network, but it has a drawback: it is more difficult to gain access to your bookmarks. Luckily, you can leave it as it was before.

I don’t want items, thanks

If you want to restore your New Tab page classic, don’t despair, all you have to do is go to the ins and outs of Google Chrome, for which you must write chrome://flags in the address bar.

there Are two flags that you can modify about it. the #enable-ntp-popular-sites (the best thing is that you use the search engine in the page of Chrome, from the menu) has a default value of “default”, which means that Chrome will do basically what you want. Change it to off (Disabled) so that the items disappear.


After you change it you need to relaunch Chrome to apply the changes. The recommended items will have disappeared and in its place returns the button to the tabs-recent and favorites, as before.

In Xataka Android | Google Chrome Dev 54 includes recommended articles via Google Now

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How to hide the recommended items of Chrome
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October 26, 2016

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