How to know if your mobile is compatible with Treble


Since Google announced Project Treble in may of last year, we were very encouraged with what this could mean for the fragmentation. A year later its effects are by now virtually non-existent, but is expected to represent faster updates in the mobile supported.

And there’s the key: mobile supported. Project Treble part of Android Oreo, but, like the seamless updates, manufacturers can choose whether or not to include the support or not, and some decide not to do it for their own reasons, although later can change your mind. the do Not know if your mobile phone has support for Treble? There’s an app for that.

as easy as installing an app

If you are looking for “Treble” in Google Play you will see that there are a handful of apps whose goal is to check if your mobile is compatible with Project Treble or not. We have used Treble Check Kevin T and it works correctly, but there are other that look identical that will also serve.

Treble Check

Treble Check2.0.4

otherwise, there is not much you have to do except open the application. This will check to see if your mobile is compatible with Project Treble, and you indicate this with an icon. Red with a cross: not supported. Green: compatible. It also includes a small explanation in text.

included in the same way information on if your device has compatibility with seamless upgrades (seamless updates), which make use of two different partitions in order to simplify the update of the system.

Trablecheck The results in two different mobile, none with Treble

So, there you have the result. Remember that for a mobile to be compatible with Treble needs to have been launched with Android Oreo, and even so, that does not guarantee that the manufacturer has included. There is for example in the Xiaomi Mi A1, despite of being Android One.

In Xataka Android | With Treble we will see mobile launched with a version already expired Android

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How to know if your mobile is compatible with Treble
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August 21, 2018

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