How to set the address of home and work in Google Maps for Android

Google Maps Home Work

When you’re away from home is very convenient to know the time it took to return, so we know how long we can stretch a visit or shopping for not to return late afternoon to our home, or for not arriving late to work, and this is something that the application of Google can inform us in every moment if you are aware of our address of the home and the workplace.

If in our Google account we said where we live and where we work so each time we approach the time to go to work or we are out of the house, the application of Google, through their cards Now, we inform you of the time to get to home or work, taking into account the traffic at that time from our current location.

Set the address of your home and work

Google Maps Home Work

The fastest and easiest way of setting the direction of our home and of work is by using Google Maps. Open the application of Google maps and we are going to Your sites, and in the tab Tagged already so we only have that** * * write the address of our home and work** or pressing its position on the map.

Changing the icon

Home Work

once you have established the address of our home and/or work, we will see how Google Maps shows a marker generic in the map informing us that this is our home or our work. If you want to, you can change the icon of the marker from Your sites > Tagged and clicking Change icon from the options that appear in the menu of the address of our house or work. We have 38 icons are different.

How do you scroll

Home Work

By default, Google understands that we drove home and to work with the car but from the application of Google, in addition to be able to tell from there our addresses, home and work, if not told through Google Maps, we can tell you as we go.

To do this in the Google application we are going to Customize > usual Route > to See all configuration options and already in “How do you usually go to work” and “How you move” I say if we’re going by car, walking, public transport or bicycle.

once Google knows your address and the way in which you displaced because you will see throughout the day as the Google application through cards of information or a notification time that tardarías in to get home or to work.

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How to set the address of home and work in Google Maps for Android
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December 29, 2017

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