How to use the Wizard of Google without account

How to use the Wizard of Google without account

Recently, the application of Google has renovated the menu with a new interface and reorganization of their options, but has hidden a important innovation in the new account selector.

Google has added a kind of “incognito mode” or demo mode in your application, which allows us to use any of its functions , without needing to log in our Google account.

Use without an account the Wizard of Google

No Google Account

we can Now use a version castrated in the Wizard of Google that will not leave a trace in nur activity history our queries by voice. To do this we just need to follow these steps:

  1. Open the application of Google.
  2. go to the tab More
  3. to Display all the options in the account selector.
  4. Select the new option Use without any account.
No-Account Wizard

from that point we will begin to use the Google application, and the Wizard of Google without account, but will not be available all of its functions. By not having a session with our account will not be able to do actions or personal consultations that have to do with our contacts, calendar, or control the home.

we can Only use the Wizard of Google without account to perform voice actions for control mobile, questions, queries, viewing data, or interesting to play. To unlock all of its features will have to log in again.

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How to use the Wizard of Google without account
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March 5, 2019

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