How to use your Android phone into a second monitor

How to use your Android phone into a second monitor

Every día, is Android is able to surprise us with something new, and that is that there are few possibilities that we offer and allow us to take advantage of the máximo our devices. In this case, we refer to the méall to convert your teléfono m’vile in a second computer screen.

Thanks to this process to knowás here’ve, couldás to expand the límites of your monitor, además to increase the possibilities of your set-up using a second display.

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How to use your Android phone into a second monitor

Create a second screen in Windows with your Android terminal

it is Not a process difícil, since the programs you’ll need for computers with Windows as that useás for MacOs is based on a few simple steps that you explain and ense&bath;arem. When you’ve completed the process, you couldás to use your teléfono m’vile as a second screen whenever you need to, which alsoén can be expanded to tablets with Android.

The steps you have to follow start with the download of the program SpaceDesk, which is free at this time, además to have no restrictions, unless you have the operating system of Windows 7, 8.1 or Windows 10. From the same website, choose the option’re to download it as a primary server, here’n, dir,’people to Google Play to download the application’n SpaceDesk.

spacedesk (multi-monitor display extension screen) (Free, Google Play) →

Now, let’s look at the steps to follow:

  • When esté installed on your computer, just open it in the lower space of icons.
  • once you tap, they mayá up and generateá a server automática.
  • Now, what you have to do in your teléfono m’vile is to open the app.
  • If you are connected to the same WiFi network, you do not appeará the remote server from your computer.
  • Only with touch it you ense&bath;ará the computer screen in the m’vil.

you May find yourself with alg&number;n problem resolution’re on the second screen, which couldás changed from the app’s m’vile by pressing the three points that are located in the top right. Así, couldás to fix it manually, or alsoén adapt the quality of the image s&number;n the type of connection’n you have for the improvement of the results.

If your problem is that the image can’t be seen, go to the setting of Windows and tap on the screen to be able to adapt all screens or monitors you have connected. Afterés of this, drag the windows that you want to use to screen m’vile, and the rat’n spendá no problem from one to another. ∅To qué expect to give a second life to your old teléphone or Android tablet!


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