If you are not a customer of Movistar +, you can not hire Yomvi from now

Yomvi The first concrete results la purchase of Canal + by Movistar officially announced yesterday, but there are still many aspects to be confirmed on the operation of the new Movistar +. One is how will Yomvi under this new platform . The service VOD Canal + had expanded its offerings and from the beginning could be hired by clients who were not subscribers to Canal +, but that will change.

As confirmed Movistar, Yomvi will no longer be offered to users who are not hired Movistar + . Those who are clients of that service can continue to use it (also those who recruited within combined offers made Vodafone o Jazztel ), but as of this week, new users will have to be previously paid to Movistar +.

This also means that the varieties disappear Yomvi Play (which was the most basic service) and their extras, and will be enhanced as the service platform of the company. Subscribers to the basic package of Movistar + will have such content available on Yomvi , according add other packages, your choices will be expanded der viewing the VOD service.

What customers Yomvi preamps?

The question here is what about Yomvi customers who do not subscribe to Movistar +. As we say, in the case of those Yomvi under agreements with Vodafone and Jazztel, may still have that service because, as noted by in Digital know, the National Commission of markets and competition forces Movistar to continue giving it, at least until they are met contracts already underway. After that time, no one knows for sure what will happen.

It is also unclear what the situation will be who hired Yomvi via web , that is, those who are only paid at your service and are not users or Movistar or Vodafone or Jazztel. For now, they can continue using it as before, but no further information whether it will be until the time comes to renew the subscription or how long the situation will remain so.

This restriction on the scope of Yomvi, Movistar + follows the same pattern as with the launch of Movistar Series late last year, also restricted only to former customers. As then, it is not clear that this decision is going to be forever , because the input Netflix in Spain in October can force some changes in the landscape of VOD.

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If you are not a customer of Movistar +, you can not hire Yomvi from now
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July 8, 2015

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